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7 September 2018 02:00 AM Posted by: Aqua

[CLOSED] Creature Creation ContestViews: 369

Wolfing's Creature Creation Contest! Are you artistic? Do you have an eye for designing characters? More specifically... monsters and creepy creatures? Well then, this art contest will be your cup of tea! Every October, Wolfing holds its annual Halloween event. This year we are planning a very special event for the Wolfing community! Things are going to get very spooooooky. Our upcoming event will feature a villainous creature, which will play ... Read More

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22 June 2018 07:00 AM Posted by: Aqua

Wolfing Sentinel Applications: Round Three!Views: 765

Hello, Wolfing users! We are opening Sentinel applications again and are looking for new people to join the Wolfing Leader team! If you meet the following requirements, are fairly active on Wolfing, and would like to help out the community, we would love to hear from you. Applications will be open from 22nd June 2018, 00:00 UTC until 29th June 2018, 23:59 UTC. In order to qualify for a possible Sentinel ... Read More

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12 June 2018 07:30 AM Posted by: judal

Wolfing's third TRADE ME month!Views: 1147

Hello Wolfies! We meet again! June is our TRADE ME month which is where artists come together to collaborate their efforts and collect lovely art! If you're new, no worries, all the instructions are below and you are always free to ask a fellow Wolfing Leader for help. The event starts on the 12th of June and will end on 12th of July! This entire month is dedicated to trading fellow Wolfies. Let us ... Read More

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4 May 2018 03:00 AM Posted by: Spy

The Event Committee: Applications CLOSED!Views: 800

The Event Committee What is the ‘Event Committee’? The Event Committee is a team built of current and former Wolfing Leaders, along with members of the community, who have a passion for organising and hosting events. The role of an Event Committee member is to suggest, discuss, plan and execute future events for Wolfing, as well as listen to suggestions and feedback from the community. The Event Committee is not a part ... Read More

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27 April 2018 04:36 AM Posted by: Crashwolf

Wolfing Changes: Room Count and Account LimitsViews: 471

Hello, Wolfing users! As the community Alpha it's my job to listen to user feedback and relay that to WolfKodi and the rest of the team, and see what we can do to make Wolfing a better place based on that feedback. Today I'd like to announce two new changes that are a direct result of your feedback. Wolfing Leaders and Room Count One of the many requests was that Wolfing Leader ... Read More

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26 March 2018 02:19 PM Posted by: Kat

Sentinel Round Two RESULTSViews: 398

Hello, Wolfing users! The Wolfing Leaders have had a big number of applications this round, and we are proud of the final results! Our way of hiring has improved a notch, by adding an interview process on the final candidates to make sure we bring the best of the best. As of March 26th, 2018, Hannibal, Sushi, pittoo and xBaltoWolf are welcomed on the Wolfing Leader team! We hope that you will give ... Read More

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1 March 2018 03:00 AM Posted by: Lambda

Wolfing Sentinel Applications: Round Two!Views: 923

Hello, Wolfing users! We opened our first ever round for the Sentinel rank in September 2017. Now, we are opening Sentinel applications again and are looking for new people to join the Wolfing Leader team! If you meet the following requirements, are fairly active on Wolfing, and would like to help out the community, we would love to hear from you. Please make sure that you read this post thoroughly, ... Read More

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26 December 2017 02:02 AM Posted by: Kat

Secret Santa 2017 GiftsViews: 874

Just like last year, here are all of your gifts! This year I have to personally thank for the people who have offered to fill in for the wolfies who would have been left giftless. Thank you, Reyes, 7o7, pit, pittoo and vintage!I also must thank Santa's little Helpers this year in regards of hosting the event, Dogsled, Aqua and Spy! Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Secret Santa! ... Read More

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14 December 2017 05:38 PM Posted by: Kat

Event: Secret Santa 2017Views: 978

Hey Wolfies! It's that time of year again! Santa's sleigh has been a bit heavy this year, filled with papers, but he's here now. Read carefully, or you might be left with an empty sock! small note: please stay on the page, there is a surprise in the code which you should be seeing shortly after reading this message. In order to apply for the Secret Santa event, you must send a ... Read More

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7 November 2017 11:06 PM Posted by: MinniHowl

The End of Halloween 2017!Views: 539

Halloween has reached its end!  All the wolves were gathered around Huddle House as the Wolfing Leaders announced that all the missing rooms had re-appeared thanks to the pack’s collective effort. “Today we honor our pack and the strong bond that keeps us together. It has chased away the dark nights brought by an evil witch, but thanks to everyone here, all our rooms have returned,” Kodi said loudly with a ... Read More

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