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Last Modified: 9 November 2018

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General Site and Room Rules To keep Wolfing clean and friendly, the following rules must be followed throughout Wolfing. This includes public chats, howl posts and replies. General rule breakers will be politely instructed to stop such a behaviour via Whisper or Private Message. If they are broken again, our leaders will have to take action either a kick or duration-based account ban depending on severity. Immediate action without notice would be taken in the event of a repeated or severe violation. A taken action may affect the user's account status. Be aware! Joking about death threats, hacking threats or any other disruptions of peace will be taken seriously and as offenses. Be careful how you phrase yourself. Wolfing Leaders must take all rule violations seriously.
Wolfing Rule 1Respect the Wolfing community. Be polite when disagreeing with others. All acts that deliberately provoke users are not allowed. See acceptable behaviour below. Wolfing Rule 2Sexual/pornographic, graphical and/or otherwise unpleasant content is strictly forbidden in public areas of Wolfing. Offensive/discriminatory terms and slurs are also not tolerated. Swearing is allowed, however swearing done in excessive amounts may result in punishment. All media depicting anything related to incest, paedophilia, bestiality, and zoophilia is not appropriate for any public areas on Wolfing (this includes media in profile about sections and howls, messages and images sent in public chat, videos played in TV rooms, and roleplay between fictional characters). Jumpscares and seizure-inducing content (including links) are not allowed even when warnings are given. Wolfing Rule 3Spam and excessive CAPS are prohibited. Any form of repeated and/or unnecessary posting will be considered spam. This includes any on-going conversations and/or multiple messages at a time. Private profiles may contain them with the owners permission and as long as they are not offensive to specific people. Wolfing Rule 4You are not allowed to use more than one account at the same time. Users are responsible for all actions on their account. Accounts may not be transferred or shared. Each person is only allowed to create and register for up to four accounts in total. Wolfing Rule 5You are only allowed to use English in public chat rooms. A few non-English words here and there are allowed, but not full sentences and on-going conversations. Wolfing Rule 6Usernames must conform to Wolfing's Pack Terms. Usernames must not contain only punctuation marks and/or numbers. Any account with names that defy Wolfing rules will be terminated. Wolfing Rule 7Disciplinary actions cannot be discussed in public. You are not allowed to post, share or discuss disciplinary actions taken against a user or account, including but not limited to, chat or PM correspondence between users and moderators in public. Wolfing Rule 8Backseat moderation is not allowed. Leave moderating to the moderators. Reminding users about this rule breaks the said rule. Wolfing Rule 9You are not allowed to promote and/or encourage sensitive materials and/or otherwise illegal activities. This includes any sort of content (even in jest) such as suicide, self-harm, drug abuse (this includes encouraging persons under 18 to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes), etc. Wolfing Rule 10You are not allowed to pressure other users into revealing personal information. Wolfing Rule 11Ban evasion is strictly forbidden. A user who is serving their ban duration must serve it fully. Logging onto a secondary account is considered ban evading. Any other ban evasion attempt will be punished by lengthening the original ban issued and a ban on the secondary account(s). Wolfing Rule 12Abuse of the report system is prohibited. Do not submit false or excessive reports. Reports must be related to Wolfing, and must conform to the Pack Terms.

Custom Poses (CP)

Custom Pose Rules and Guidelines: Poses go though a review process. They may be rejected for various reasons. Poses users may appeal in response to these reject reasons with their own additional statement or explanation. Users are responsible to seek guidance on how to edit their poses and not use ignorance as an excuse. Repeated custom pose violators could receive a temporary or permanent custom pose suspension. Immediate action without notice would be taken in the event of a severe violation. Note that all custom poses are judged on a case-to-case basis. Wolfing reserves the right to allow or deny the use of any custom pose. One of our fellow members, Faithdougwolve, has come up with a Visual Custom Pose Guide dated September 2014 (click to view) which you might find useful.
Pose Rule 1You are NOT allowed to use artwork that you do not own or have prior permission to use. Characters taken directly from any media are not allowed to be used as a pose. Poses specifically made for Wolfhome, Chatlands or any other site that is not Wolfing cannot be used on Wolfing without express permission from the artist. You must be prepared to provide proof if asked in order to keep a pose, this is your responsibility. Poses for other sites that are used without shown permission will be removed without a warning.

Original characters that you own are recommended. Fan art characters are allowed if their art style is significantly different from the original. Plushes of show/movie characters may be added to your pose as well as dressing your character up in a costume, however it must be obvious that these are accessories to your character.

If the artist of a pose you are using requires credit, place a link to the original pose on your profile, preferably in an ordered list. Poses that require a watermark in or on the pose are not allowed.

Patterns, textures, and anything of that sort (galaxies, flower crowns, etc) may only be used when they are properly credited from a trusted website (eg. DeviantArt). These images must not cover up over 50% of the pose. Any copyrighted trademarks or logos are prohibited.
Pose Rule 2Poses containing any kind of mature, offensive, or violent content are strictly prohibited. This includes poses of sexual or otherwise suggestive content, poses meant to upset, insult, harm or damage someone or something, including content related to illegal drugs.

Poses with weapons are acceptable as long as they do not contain any gore/blood and are not directed towards another user in a threatening manner.
Pose Rule 3Poses must be flipped to their respective right and/or left views before uploading. A right pose image is required while the left pose image is optional. A right pose image is determined by the direction the character's body faces. See the Pose Orientation Reference for more details. Both right and left poses must be of the same character in the same pose, size and image resolution. Pose Rule 4Poses must be cropped until further cropping would actually cut into the pose. Flying, jumping, or floating poses may have empty spaces below the character as much as indicated by the maximum empty height in the custom pose size reference chart. Puzzle poses are allowed to be cut-off but user(s) they pair with must be stated. Pose Rule 5A custom pose must consist of one animal character with a clean and transparent background. Poses need to be fully coloured. No blank linearts, stray pixels, or floating objects that can't be interacted with such as text and speech bubbles. Shading is recommended. Humanoids as well as partial humanoids (nekos, centaurs, mermaids etc) are prohibited. Species with a feral body structure and humanoid facial feature (eg. sphinxes) fall into a 90% Rule and are accepted.

Wolfing allows the use of anthropomorphic (anthro) poses. However, an anthro pose must resemble an animal more than a human. Obscene, sexual or otherwise suggestive poses (eg. exposed genitailia, etc) are not allowed.
Pose Rule 6Accessories may be added to your character. However, you may only have a single animal in one pose and your character must be clearly distinctive from its accessories. If your pose contains a large plush, it must be drawn in such a way that clearly distinguishes it as such, and not another character. Smaller accessory animals are acceptable if they are 50% smaller than the main character. Accessories cannot be larger than 175% of your character. If your character is partially hidden by an accessory, two or more body parts should be distinctly visible (eg. head with ears plus a tail, paw, or neck). Pose Rule 7You must size your poses appropriately using the size slider and the size reference chart located behind your uploaded custom pose. Changing your pose to an inappropriate size (either too big or too small) after approval repeatedly will result in a custom pose suspension. Pose Rule 8The artwork of custom poses must be of acceptable quality that is at least of comparable anatomical accuracy to that of Wolfing's default poses. While Wolfing does encourage a variety of art styles, poses must resemble an animal and must consist of recognizable anatomy in order to be used on the site. Only the limbs of a character are allowed to be in stick figure style. Pose image resolution and quality should be retained. Blurry or sized-up images will be rejected. Pose Rule 9Wolfing encourages you to be creative, but we do not approve of sparkledogs. In short, be unique, but don't overdo it. Pose Rule 10Tracing is considered art theft and any traced poses will be instantly rejected. Note that Wolfing Leaders are permitted to question noticeable referenced poses, and for this reason you are recommended, but not required, to give referenced poses credit in the permission statement. Personal photographs/material may be used, but you are required to provide an image as proof in the permission statement.

Custom Pose Recommendations: Pose Do 1Upload large resolution and high quality poses. You may and should then use the size slider to size your uploaded custom pose appropriately. Pose Do 2Still learning how to draw? There are plenty of free custom poses out there, many of which are outlines and even shaded ones where all you have to do is add your own colours and markings. Do a search using Google or DeviantArt. You may find great ones that may be used on Wolfing. Pose Do 3Ask and read up or find out from the artist whether the free custom pose that you found on the internet may be used on Wolfing. Pose Do 4Make use of these Wolfing default pose lineart sets complete with shading. They are free to be used on Wolfing without credit. If you're using them elsewhere, please give credit and a link back to Wolfing. Thank you.

Download: Wolfing Default Pose Lineart Shaded Female Set
Download: Wolfing Default Pose Lineart Shaded Male Set

Acceptable Behaviour

Users should maintain a helpful, friendly and peaceful demeanor around other pack members.

Users may not harass, harm, threaten, abuse, mislead or impersonate other users, post defamatory, vulgar, obscene, or otherwise objectionable content anywhere on the site.

Begging other users for money, artwork, and anything of that sort is prohibited.

Just like the leaders of a wolf pack, site moderators and users of higher ranks, are here to enforce pack rules and protect pack members. They are to be respected, supported and guided, not flamed or blindly criticised.

Moderators of this site go though a stringent selection process. Therefore, they are given the exclusive right to interpret the rules as they see fit for the general well being of the site. A moderator's decision pertaining to this site is final. They are not to be further argued with. In order to maintain efficiency, only the internal team reserves the right to make an argument.

"Gammas are kind enough to take upon their responsibility to help me keep this place in proper order. They risk facing blame and hate when they moderate users. I would have probably acted the same as the Gammas as they are after all acting on my behalf. There is a reason why we cannot use copyrighted poses. Art theft is not welcomed on all other proper establishments. Even if I did allow copyrighted poses, others out there would criticize and bring Wolfing down. Now do we want that? We do not want to steal nor do we want others to steal from our hours of hard effort. You can always approach the artist and they might gladly allow you to use some of their artworks or even draw one for you. But always ask first. Also, do not assume that it is free when no reply is given." - WolfKodi


You agree to provide true, accurate and current information about yourself when you register or use Wolfing.

Wolfing's main content is suitable for children of any age. However, this website is not intended for children under 13 because we do not have full-time control over user-generated content such as custom poses, chat messages, and profile pictures. If you see any inappropriate content, please contact one of our friendly Wolfing Leaders (marked with the rank "Gamma", "Beta" or "Alpha"). If you are under 13 years of age, you affirm that you have explicitly asked for permission from your parents before joining and using this website. It is important for your parents to decide which sites are appropriate for you.

You are prohibited from using any device, software or routine to gain an unfair advantage over other users, damage, over-burden, impair the functionality of or attempt to gather illegal information from this website.

Wolfing may, in its sole discretion, modify or revise these Terms of Service and policies at any time. You expressly relieve Wolfing from any and all liability arising from your use of this website. Wolfing reserves the right to suspend or terminate any account as it sees fit.


All artworks, images, codes, concepts, logos used on this website, including but not limited to the default pose set, are copyrighted to Wolfing unless otherwise stated. You may not use, copy, modify or distribute them without prior permission from Wolfing.

You retain all of your ownership rights to the content you upload. However, by submitting to Wolfing, you hereby grant Wolfing permission to use, reproduce or distribute them for, but not limited to, the purpose of promoting this website.