Wolfing Leader

What are Wolfing Leaders?

The Wolfing Leaders (WLs) are the top four ranks in the Wolfing hierarchy: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Sentinel. These four ranks have the responsibility of moderating the site, be it chat moderation, pose moderation, or account moderation.

Sentinels are primarily custom pose moderators. Their job is to approve and reject poses. In addition, they hold the powers to:
  • Issue temporary custom pose bans.
  • Warn and kick misbehaving users from rooms.
  • Issue 1 hour user account bans.
  • Take the TV remote from another user when necessary in TV rooms.
Gammas are the moderators of Wolfing. Their job is to uphold the Pack Terms and handle general reports across the site. In order to do this, they have the same abilities as the Sentinels along with the powers to:
  • Issue temporary user account bans.
  • Issue permanent custom pose bans.
  • Remove avatars, howls, and profile descriptions.
  • Accept or deny new registrations, and approve guest feedback posts.
  • Post news articles.
Betas are community managers. They oversee the Gammas/Sentinels actions on Wolfing. They address internal disputes, and handle outside reports submitted about the team. They bridge communication between the Alpha and the rest of the team, and assist the Alpha with developing current and future projects for Wolfing. They have the same abilities as the Gammas/Sentinels along with the power to:
  • Issue permanent user account bans.
  • Repeal/overturn bans placed by Gammas.
The Alpha focuses on the development, server management, and technical support for Wolfing. They have the final say in any Wolfing related decision. They have the same abilities as the other Wolfing Leaders along with the power to:
  • Open and close registrations.
  • Promote and demote any Wolfing Leader.
  • Repeal/overturn bans placed by Betas.

List and Status of Wolfing Leaders

This is a list of all current Wolfing Leaders and their moderating status.

WL Status

Active: May be reached for assistance or moderative attention.
Semi-active: May not immediately reply or respond.
On Break: Taking a break from moderating duties but may still remain active on Wolfing.
Away: Experiencing a temporary situation which prevents them from being active.
Inactive: Have not been heard from in a while.

Wolfing Leader Updates

Changes and history to the Wolfing Leader Team

2 December 2018: Bear, hoshii, and Iphu resign from the team. Lee has been promoted to Gamma.

27 November 2018: pit resigns from the team.

13 November 2018: Derecho, spoon, and Void resign from the team.

28 October 2018: 7o7 resigns from the team to focus on life.

21 October 2018: Niconi and judal resign from the team.

19 October 2018: DarkVixenLove moderates on their other account Iphu. Lukas takes leave from the team to focus on personal matters.

18 October 2018: Aqua resigns from the team to focus on work. effigy resigns to focus on college.

10 October 2018: Zodiac resigns from the team to focus on school and work.

26 September 2018: Bear, DarkVixenLove, Derecho, Lee, pit, spoon (carrionqueen), Void, and zodiac hired as Sentinels via closed interviews. judal rejoins the team as Sentinel.

23 September 2018: Crashwolf, Krue, Kat, Ruby, Epsilon, Spin, and Zak resign from the team. Hannibal moderates on their new account effigy.

14 August 2018: 7o7 and Ruby promoted to Gammas.

11 August 2018: Kat continues with the team as Gamma.

9 August 2018 Niconi promoted to Beta. Deezeh stepped down from the team.

7 August 2018 Hypoxia resigns due to work commitments. Hannibal remains on the team as Sentinel.

23 July 2018: Epsilon and hoshii hired as Sentinels. Aqua promoted to Community Alpha.

21 July 2018: judal resigns to focus on life outside Wolfing.

30 June 2018: 7o7 rejoins as Sentinel.

22 June 2018: Krue promoted to Beta.

2 June 2018: Sushi decides to step down. Lukas (formerly Spy), Ruby and Spin rejoin as Sentinels. pittoo moderates on his new account judal.

27 May 2018: Hannibal and pittoo promoted to Gammas. Aleksandr and xBaltoWolf resign.

12 May 2018: Spy resigns from the team to focus on studies.

23 April 2018: Lambda moderates on their original account Aqua.

26 March 2018: Hannibal, pittoo, and Sushi hired as Sentinels. xBaltoWolf rejoins as Sentinel. Aceson resigns.

25 March 2018: Niconi promoted to Gamma.

23 March 2018: MinniHowl resigns from the team.

9 March 2018: Levi resigns from the team to focus on studies.

28 February 2018: Aceson (formerly Epsilon), Deezeh, and Krue rejoin as Gammas.

20 February 2018: Vintage moderates on their new account Hypoxia.

18 February 2018: Oakley resigns from the team.

13 February 2018: Noct continues to moderate on their other account Levi.

12 February 2018: Harley resigns from the team to focus on studies. Crashwolf is promoted to Community Alpha.

8 February 2018: Nunyae and Salonda are no longer part of the team. Spy is promoted to Gamma.

4 February 2018: Reyes resigns from the team.

15 January 2018: BattyKoda13 and Xierox resign from the team.

11 January 2018: 7o7 resigns from the team.

3 January 2018: Aqua moderates on their other account Lambda.

1 January 2018: Dogsled moderates on their new account Kastilo.

Past Years: 2017 2016

Becoming a Wolfing Leader

How does one become a Wolfing Leader?

Wolfing Leaders go though a stringent selection process. They usually start out as a Sentinel, or in some cases a Gamma, before they may be considered for a higher rank. Wolfing Leader applications are occasionally open to the public and they typically remain open for two weeks. There are some criteria one must meet before being able to apply. They will be announced and included in the news. The whole Wolfing Leader Team goes over the collected applications and decides who gets accepted.