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What is and how to use Wolfing?

Wolfing is an interactive graphical chat and social website for the personification of animal characters. It provides an environment for people to share the common interests of animals, art, animation, video editing and making friends.

Pack Lands

What can we do on Wolfing?

Users of Wolfing, also known as Wolfies or a single Wolfy, each controls an image of their character over a background scene, such as a forest or a meadow. Upon registration, they are presented with a default set of images for their character, created based upon their chosen wolf fur coat and belly colours. These are called default poses. Users can explore different rooms and interact with other users by chatting and changing their "poses" to make their characters do different actions and express different emotions. Speech bubbles appear over their character as they send messages.

Users are allowed to upload and use images of their own character, called custom poses. This custom poses feature is free unlike some other graphical chats. They can also graphically interact with other characters using the left-click context menu with actions such as pinning another character down. Each user can setup their own profile page for other users to "sniff" using the context menu.

Wolfing features a unique room where users can share and watch YouTube videos synchronously. Only one remote holder may control the video at any given time. The remote may be passed around between users in the room. Remote holders can also search for YouTube videos such as retrieving a list of "Animashes" uploaded this month.

There are also rooms where users can howl using a howl button. The howls are chosen at random from a selection of howls so there exist variety. Everyone in the room hears the same randomly selected howl each user makes.


How to interact with others in the rooms?

To move your character, simply click and drag it to a new position. On a touchscreen mobile or tablet device, you would tap and drag to move to a new position. To change your current pose, just click or single tap on your character. An option menu would appear. Click or single tap on another user's character to "sniff" or perform other actions such as pin or to give the YouTube video remote control.

You can upload custom poses on your "Edit Profile" page. Click the "Add Custom Pose" button to add a custom pose.

Here's a tip: When someone plays a song you dislike and you do not have the remote in a YouTube video room, you can change your character's pose to "cover ears" to mute the currently playing video.

Pack Hierarchy

What do the ranks mean?

The pack member hierarchy for Wolfing is divided into 7 ranks - Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sentinel, Delta, Pup, and Outcast. The top four ranks have chat and site moderator status and they are collectively known as Wolfing Leaders. New members start out as Pups and become Deltas in one month. The Outcasts are pack members who are serving their ban from Wolfing. Outcast members who have finished serving their ban return to the pack and resume the rank they were previously in.

Future Features

What are currently in the works and being considered?

Wolfing is actively updated as features are added and improved. Let us know if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions. The following are a list of features being considered:

user editable and default status messages
audio clips as an added alternative to text chats in a select room
user titles or roles such as: Artist, Friendly
more pair pose: pin nuzzle, poke
friend list and notifications in rooms, personal customisable and password-protectable rooms for users, member list, top sniffs/pins list, wider default pose customisation, option to replace command default poses, keypress and hold to display preassigned poses
highlighted chat messages when they contain and correspond to your pre-assigned nicknames or an option to tag users in a message

Website Sustainability

How long will this website last?

Unlike most free membership and user content sites that are challenged by expensive monthly hosting and yearly domain name fees, Wolfing is locally hosted and uses dynamic DNS for a zero-fees solution. The server is hosted on a small but powerful router which makes electric consumption highly efficient and economical. I leave my router on all the time like most of us do. In other words, Wolfing will continue to exist as long as I need my internet connection - which is a very long time.

Wolfing is not ad-supported and allows the use of custom poses for free. Contact us if you would like to contribute in any form such as art for the website. If you would prefer to make a fund contribution, use this link: Support Wolfing If you already have a PayPal account, you may directly send money to the email wolfkodi at gmail.com using your own local currency.