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Rank: Gamma
WL: Semi-active
Country:, Illinois
Join Date:31 Dec 2017, 8:49am (2 years, 7 months ago)
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3 Dec 2018, 4:33am (1 year, 8 months ago)

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About Kastilo:

"Acknowledge the Past and Correct Your Mistakes"

Hello There, I'm Kastilo
I'm the Queen of Nuak & a Gamma of Wolfing
[Use whatever pronoun you want with me, He, She, It, go nuts people]
"Let's make this fleeting moment last forever"
Currently a mate to two amazing boys <3
Wanna View My Nation?
See Nuak's laws being passed

There's more!

About Me

Hello Everyone, I'm Kastilo D. Shepherd or Queen Shepherd, or any name you like to call me. I'm currently a Wolfing Gamma and ready to help you with anything that you may come across, Please PM or whisper me, or contact me (check my contact list). I hope you have fun reading the profile here. Enjoy the Steele x Balto picture on the right, sometimes the cute pairs are the crackships that would never be canon, and more ships are at the bottom of the page

The FUR (Furry United Region) Alliance

Welcome to the F.U.R Alliance! We are a collaboration of nations that have populations with Anthropomorphic animals or Animals with Human like tendencies. Please do enjoy your stay!

Animtopia "Everyone is welcome to our nation, your free to be you!" -President True -Dead-
Anthrolurra "Intelligentia, Artibus, Pacis, Aequalitatis" -Unknown -Alive-
Aqua Russia "There's always a peaceful solution" -President Aqua -Active-
Avavale "Perfect" -Dictator Edge Lord Jay -Semi Active-
CheekyPrincess96 "Eat my ***" -President Frozen -Dead-
Chickalia "BWOOOOK!"-Emperor Chicken Darky Alive
Dreamozarland "Perfect" -Queen Chat -Active-
Emissar "If you aren't bleeding, your not working hard enough" -General Melissa -Alive-
Faithlandias "I... got fired" -President Faith -Dead-
Fidendiv "If you don't do your part, We all suffer" -Prime Minister Colress -Alive-
Gunorium "You all saw it! That Orphanage was coming right at me! "-Boris the Shashlik King -Alive-
Heavenly Island "Drill or Die" -Dictator CEO Spin Alive
Kodipa Wolves "Run Like The Wind" -King Kanda of Kodipa Wolves Alive
Lupus Animam "Love all life" -King Hamilton of Lupus Animam Alive
Lupusheim "Always keep left of the fork " -Princess Dictator Amaya -Limbo-
Nazi Westeros "Heil" -Dictator Cob -Alive-
Mon Ling "May joy and freedom reign" -Empress Anastasia -Alive-
Neo Fur Alaska "Friendship and Trust are our greatest asset" -King Balto -Alive-
Neo USSAE "The Sun remains our golden light" -Samantha -Alive-
Norflok Island Error 404 Quote not found -Unknown -Dead-
Nuak "Acknowledge the Past & Correct Your Mistakes" -Queen Shepherd Alive
Paysincroyable "Hi" -Queen Paw Alive
Sanaatria "The Republic will see another day" -President Kardoril Athaire Alive
Schwertortland "Your rights are forever" -President Max Alive
Serrebekon "You Can't Stop Progress" -Unknown Alive
Stertopia "Just remember, this country could be worse" -Queen Star -Dead-
Ursaheim "The Past Is A Wonderful and Dreadful Place" -Commander Moon Alive
Wolfing "A wolf always stands its ground" -Alpha Kodi
Wolvation "Long life, long love for the Confederacy" -Unknown Alive

Character Changes

Update 15!

My Feral Ref!


Steele x Balto Images:

Larry x Gary Images:

Thunderbolt x Lil' Thunderbolt:

Kirby x Kodi:

Wolfing Info Guides

Regarding Nonworking Rooms: https://wolfkodi.dyndns.org/wolfing/user/Dogsled?howl=173625
Regarding Poses: https://wolfkodi.dyndns.org/wolfing/user/Dogsled?howl=142205

Conact Info

My Skype: DogsledShepherd (even if it shows inactive shoot my a message)
Kik: DogsledShepherd
Email: DogsledShepherd@gmail.com
Telegram: DogsledKShepherd
Twitter: @DogsledShepherd
Discord: Reina Kastilo #0115

PPNG (Pokey Paws Normal Ground)

PPNG (Pokey Paws Normal Ground) is a group founded 3 years ago by Amaya and Myself at 12:00 CST, January 1st, and our name was a mistype we kept after Amaya misspelled Group. To start the group, start we had 3 more members with us, Jaytail, Pawproductions, Deadpixel, and Howlingwolves12 & together as we have stayed alive through the years, grown our numbers, and are the only original group still active on Wolfing.
We are strong, We are family, we are PPNG!

Recurtment and Rules

*So you want to join PPNG? Great! Below are the rules that need to be followed :)

•If you already are a member of PPNG, you should already be following them, older members do not get any more privilege than people who have just joined.
●Rule 1: You have to know a member of PPNG rather closely
●Rule 2: You must respect everyone's choice of genders and sexuality
●Rule 3: It is suggested that you see a Disney Movie (or Balto)
●Rule 4: Must respect other people's fursonas
●Rule 5: Unless another member knows you are joking, please don't be offending anyone
Please do not talk or joke about these topics as they are real rules and need to be taken seriously even if they seem silly to you they are important to someone.

•Don't joke about terrorist attacks
•Don't call depression and anxiety an excuse
•Don't say that hockey sucks (within a reasonable limit of criticism)
•Don't joke about disabilities
•Don't badly about vegans/vegetarians/how anyone chooses to lead their life, joking is alright if it isn't personally directed towards someone.
•PLEASE do not bring up someones past on wolfing, it's saddening to some people and it's just better to leave it in the past.
•Don't discriminate someone's feelings for someone else, or anyone romantic relationship, it's their lives, not yours
•Recent events pertaining to real life will have a 2 week limit on jokes about them, with it subject to be extended
● Rule 6: Don't try to spread sadness to other members, if you are depressed that is fine, and we will help you as much as we can, but don't try to make it a pity party
● Rule 7: Try not to rant about the same topic again and again in group presence
● Rule 8: Have some suspension of disbelief
●Rule 9: You're basically always grounded, just get used to it (You're welcome <3)
●Rule 10: Do not change the group name, this is more of a joke, but if it starts to cause too much lag on your device let the admins know
●Rule 11: Do not add anyone without voting, if you do, the admins have the right to remove them immediately without question

- If you disagree with one of these rules, it is NOT okay to disregard it for your own feelings, instead speak to Kastilo, Amaya, Brandy, or Jay, the admins, about the issue and don't afraid to let your thoughts go unheard as long as it's calm and negotiable

■Breaking any of these rules will result in you personally being sacrificed to satan

Or given 3 warnings, unless it was a major way to break a rule which then your punishment will be decided by the entire group and voted on

Art Permission

PPNG (Pokey Paws Normal Ground) is a group consisting many different artists. As such, there have been issues with pose permissions in some situations. As the co-creator of PPNG, I am here to prevent it by giving a list of PPNG members (italic means an artist)

Amaya,Jaytail, Deadpixel, Kedamono, Dakotathewhitewolf, Faithdougwolve, Howlingwolves12, Kastilo, MaxtheWolf, BlueJay, Moonlight, Pawproductions, Hellsing, Gamingwolf116, Rain Chaser Blue, Rae, WolfKodi, Billcipher, DakotaStar

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Rawr-Horse 1 year, 9 months ago
do u get licced often
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Rushing River 1 year, 9 months ago
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TheDerpyCake282 1 year, 10 months ago
i love your balto gif pfp
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Pawproductions 2 years ago
Fresh new ref
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Kastilo 2 years, 2 months ago
Throwback to this gif :3
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Ruz 2 years, 2 months ago
I saw that you said you are a Hufflepuff on your other account,
Hola fellow Hufflepuff
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Kastilo 2 years, 2 months ago
Hello fellow 'Puff! We shall prove that we aren't a joke one day ^^
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Ruz 2 years, 2 months ago
We shall
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Nico 2 years, 4 months ago
Kastilo arrived at 7:11 PM
[7:11:23 PM] Nico: hi
[7:11:35 PM] Kastilo: Hai
Kastilo left at 7:11 PM
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MaxTheWolf 2 years, 4 months ago
me too
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Kastilo 2 years, 5 months ago
I feel old now, I am an old doggo
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MinniHowl 2 years, 5 months ago
You are a baby doggo!
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Kastilo 2 years, 5 months ago
On Wolfing, my pups have left me, and all independent, kinda sad they no longer need me
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MaxTheWolf 2 years, 5 months ago
*pets* who’s a big boy??? :D
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Cherrybomb 2 years, 6 months ago
good to be back
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Levi 2 years, 7 months ago
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