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27 April 2018 04:36 AM Posted by: Crashwolf

Wolfing Changes: Room Count and Account LimitsViews: 824

Hello, Wolfing users!

As the community Alpha it's my job to listen to user feedback and relay that to WolfKodi and the rest of the team, and see what we can do to make Wolfing a better place based on that feedback. Today I'd like to announce two new changes that are a direct result of your feedback.

Wolfing Leaders and Room Count

One of the many requests was that Wolfing Leader should not count towards the limit of room capacity. Frequently, there could be 2-4 moderators in a room that would be filled. This resulted in many people not being able to join rooms with their friends. Moderators would frequently be asked to leave the room via whisper from another room, so a user could join. Since moderators can join full rooms, they'd be able to rejoin rooms that were full and users could not join before.

Therefore, Wolfing Leaders no longer count towards the room limit, so it is possible to join a room that has 20+ people, depending on the amount of Wolfing Leaders are already in the room. For example, if there are 15 people in the room, but 3 of those are Wolfing Leaders, the system will count that as 12. As a result of this, asking Wolfing Leaders to leave a room will no longer be an option, since them leaving the room would change nothing in the way the system regards the limit. We are working on a way to display this visually on the main page for clarity reasons, but we wanted to let you know this system is now in place.

Account Limits
Currently, the pack terms state that users can only have up to 4 accounts. Attempts to create further accounts are rejected, and if someone sneaks past the registration barrier and is caught later, the account is permanently banned. Many frustrations were voiced about this; people have a variety of reasons to want to change their username. We understand this, but we also want to prevent account hoarding, as well as users secretly making accounts to ban evade. Therefore, we have reached this compromise.

-Users who currently have 4 accounts or less

If you currently have 4 accounts or less, we are going to offer you a one time chance to make a 5th account (or allow you to reach 5 if you are not at 4 yet). However, doing this means you have to choose one of your other 4 accounts to be permanently banned and you will not have access to it. You will also have to contact an Alpha or Beta about this, since only those with these ranks can permanently ban accounts. We may allow creations of more accounts in the future, but the timespan between account creations will be months, at the least. Attempting to circumvent the limit after this will place you in the same category as the one below.

-Users who currently have more than 4 accounts
Users who currently have exceeded the account limit and have had their accounts permanently banned do not have the privilege to create another account. However, you do have the opportunity to choose which 4 of the ones you already have to leave open, even if they are currently permed. However, if you choose to open one that is permed, you must choose which one to close.

As for both categories, further account creation after you have decided which 4 to be open (unless stated otherwise for the first category) will have those accounts permanently banned.

-"Okay, but why still the limit? It doesn't feel like anythings changed, some of us can just make an extra account now!"
The short answer is that we want usernames to remain free and open for new users, as well as name changing in the future. We plan to release an name changing feature in the future, and we want to avoid the bad feeling of not being able to claim a username as your own because someone else hoarded it and isn't really using it a year and a half ago. As the feature is developed we are taking into account accounts that were never verified as options that will be available when the name change feature is released.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send me a private message here on Wolfing or as a post in the feedback section and I will do my best to answer them for you! And as always, keep on letting us know your ideas for future features and how we can do things differently.


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GiantCat 2 years, 1 month ago
I'd like just 4 accounts. This, "LittleWolf", "Dragonia", and "PuckyTheCat".
Email will be available through pm to wolfing leader.
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Emoji 2 years, 5 months ago
Will family accounts be affected?
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Gizmo 2 years, 5 months ago
When the name change system is put in place, I think banned users may get in the way of changing names, as well as new users attempting to claim a nice name. Perhaps deleting the accounts of inactive users (1 1/2 years+ of inactivity) as well as permbanned users, may fix that? Of course, it's nothing to think of now, But when the system is actually pushed.

As far as changing names actually goes, Perhaps one change per year, or once per account, could keep people from hoarding and hiding behind different names. There are some sites that have name changes under paywalls, which I suppose could be an option as well, If needed.

This is more of a suggestion than a complaint, But what ever you choose to do, I'm sure we'll adapt to!
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How exactly could I make the 5th account, and if I could, I think I'd like my account "PhredWhistler" permanetly banned, I went past my limit when I was 12 and the Xx
in my name is annoying. I would go for this account, but it's my main one and I want to keep it. Although, I really don't like the Xx in my name it's nice to keep that. But my account PhredWhistler is a cringy old account that I really don't need anymore, so if somebody can answer my question, I'd like to make a 5th account and get rid of that one.
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Aqua 2 years, 6 months ago
NEAT. Feel free to whisper me when I am online about selecting your four accounts or creating your fifth.
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Kat 2 years, 6 months ago
Tag team! Me too. Have fun!