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26 March 2018 02:19 PM Posted by: Kat

Sentinel Round Two RESULTSViews: 508

Hello, Wolfing users!

The Wolfing Leaders have had a big number of applications this round, and we are proud of the final results! Our way of hiring has improved a notch, by adding an interview process on the final candidates to make sure we bring the best of the best.

As of March 26th, 2018, Hannibal, Sushi, pittoo and xBaltoWolf are welcomed on the Wolfing Leader team!

We hope that you will give your warm welcome to our new Sentinels. Thank you to everyone who applied! Do not feel discouraged if you were not accepted this time, as there will be future opportunities.


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Anakyn 1 year ago
Congrats! xx
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Neffie 1 year ago
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Skreechh 1 year ago
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WolfOrFolf 1 year ago
Congrats to all that got Sentinel and good luck!
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Krue 1 year ago
Congratulations new Sentinels. ~
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Aleksandr 1 year ago
Congratulations to the new Sentinels, I'm so excited to see you guys grow and work with you all. if any of you have any questions or concerns, feel free to shoot me a pm!! <3