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14 December 2017 05:38 PM Posted by: Kat

Event: Secret Santa 2017Views: 1540

Hey Wolfies! It's that time of year again! Santa's sleigh has been a bit heavy this year, filled with papers, but he's here now. Read carefully, or you might be left with an empty sock! small note: please stay on the page, there is a surprise in the code which you should be seeing shortly after reading this message. In order to apply for the Secret Santa event, you must send a ... Read More

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7 November 2017 11:06 PM Posted by: MinniHowl

The End of Halloween 2017!Views: 920

Halloween has reached its end!  All the wolves were gathered around Huddle House as the Wolfing Leaders announced that all the missing rooms had re-appeared thanks to the pack’s collective effort. “Today we honor our pack and the strong bond that keeps us together. It has chased away the dark nights brought by an evil witch, but thanks to everyone here, all our rooms have returned,” Kodi said loudly with a ... Read More

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24 October 2017 07:00 PM Posted by: MinniHowl

Halloween Event 2017Views: 1293

Happy Halloween!  Wolfing seemed peaceful. Everyone was getting along. Even though the occasional scuffle among pack members occurred, they were happy and content. Another regular day in October rolled around and the pack members were lounging around the different parts of their vast territory when they noticed something was different. A few wolves who were chattering happily outside Huddle House stopped abruptly and perked up. Their gazes swept over the house, ... Read More

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10 October 2017 07:39 PM Posted by: MinniHowl

Sentinels Round One RESULTSViews: 890

Hello, Wolfing users! The Wolfing Leaders have struggled greatly with choosing new leaders this round, but we are happy with our choices. As of October 10, 2017, Zak, Niconi, Spy, and Aleksandr will be a part of the Wolfing Leader team! We hope that you will join us in welcoming them and being supportive of them as they get adjusted to their new rank. Do not feel discouraged if you were not accepted ... Read More

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23 September 2017 06:06 AM Posted by: Crashwolf

Wolfing SENTINEL Applications: Round One!Views: 1586

Hello, Wolfing users! We have had the sentinel rank out for some time now, and we believe we are ready to bring in some new members of the Wolfing Leader team as Sentinels! The requirements to be a Sentinel are the same as the previous Gamma requirements. As a reminder, they are as follows: In order to qualify for possible Sentinel position, the following criteria are required: - ... Read More

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30 August 2017 08:22 AM Posted by: Crashwolf

Official Discord Server for WolfingViews: 2863

Hello, Wolfing users! The Wolfing Leaders have decided to create an Official Wolfing Discord server! Due to the easy to use functionality, reliability, and security of Discord, we are using it both as a place to chat as well as a place to talk to Wolfing Leaders in regards to speaking with users privately on Wolfing related matters. The information about this server is as follows: How to access the server ... Read More

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1 August 2017 07:58 AM Posted by: Dogsled

Night mode has fallenViews: 1451

Hello Wolfies!, Long ago requests for a dark theme for Wolfing were placed by many Wolfies, mostly to reduce strain during nighttime sessions on the site or because they didn't like the bright white. And the time is now, Darking has fallen onto the site. What it means is that starting today, all users will have the option to enable/disable the Wolfing 'Night Mode'. For those who want to see it ... Read More

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1 July 2017 11:25 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Omega Leaves and Sentinel ArrivesViews: 1263

Omega no More The Omega rank was used as a probationary tag to any user returning from a ban. It existed since the beginning of Wolfing. However, time and again it has proven to be ineffective at deterring users from getting banned. At best, some users wish to attain the Omega rank, but the only way they could do that was to get themselves banned. At worst, users abuse the flag ... Read More

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9 May 2017 06:35 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Easter Egg Hunt ResultsViews: 917

We have 22 winners! A total of 22 wolfies who collected all 50 eggs managed to bagged themselves the Egg Hustler badge. The following is the Egg Hustler badge designed by Colress: List of 22 hunters who collected all 50 eggs And Barksdale chaTima DEANIMATOR DeliciousFox domingo Duct Tape EmilyHeywood Faithdougwolve jakybluewolf Lee Maotai mistake Reyes Romano Skittlezeon theon Veka Velexa Vengeance Volt Wolvesforlife Congratulations! These guys just wouldn't give up on them eggs and earned themselves a sparking new badge on their sniff profiles. There are many others who tried really hard too, therefore, ... Read More

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16 April 2017 11:30 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Easter Egg HuntViews: 1966

Happy Easter! Remember last year's Halloween candy hunt? If you missed out on that fun, we are having one for Easter this year! During our last hunt, only one user received the completion achievement and was rewarded a badge. This time, we are increasing the frequency of appearance of the hunt items and extending the event for one additional week to make it easier for more people to achieve this Easter ... Read More

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