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7 November 2017 11:06 PM Posted by: MinniHowl

The End of Halloween 2017!Views: 868

Halloween has reached its end!

 All the wolves were gathered around Huddle House as the Wolfing Leaders announced that all the missing rooms had re-appeared thanks to the pack’s collective effort. “Today we honor our pack and the strong bond that keeps us together. It has chased away the dark nights brought by an evil witch, but thanks to everyone here, all our rooms have returned,” Kodi said loudly with a wolfish grin.
 Cheers erupted. Wolves were jumping up and down in excitement, some raced around unable to stand still, while others sighed with relief and smiled tentatively to other wolves nearby because they could hardly believe that everything had worked out.
 While most of the Wolfing Leaders were chatting merrily with the pack, one of the sentinels suddenly appeared at Kodi’s side, murmuring something in his hear.
 The alpha stiffened a little, but otherwise kept his cool. He surveyed the pack, no one had noticed that anything was wrong. He sought out the betas and nodded to them, making it clear that they were in charge while he and the sentinel were gone.

 Kodi and the sentinel drew away from the crowd to the edge of Huddle House.
 “What have you discovered?” Kodi asked the sentinel.
 “A new path has opened up,” the sentinel said nervously. “A couple of the gammas followed it to see what it was. They’re standing guard now.”
 “Show me.” Kodi signaled with his tail for one of the betas to join them.
 “We were peering over the edge of the fallen log in Sunny Glades and there it was,” the sentinel said as they raced quickly and quietly across the territory to meet the gammas.
 “What do you think it is?” Kodi muttered to the beta.
 The beta cast a glance at the alpha, “I have an inkling …” the beta said, but was cut off as they approached the gammas.
 “Report,” Kodi said curtly, tail twitching with nervousness, but also an excitement he didn’t quite understand.
 “It’s a huge room with a huge screen,” one of the gammas said, “but we don’t know if it’s here on purpose or if it’s dangerous or laced with traps.”
 “I think…” Kodi started before going stiff. A ghostly form was appearing in front of him and the other Wolfing Leaders.
 All of them growled softly, believing it to be the witch’s henchmen returning to cause more havoc, but a soft warm glow emitted from the shape as it became more solid. The wolves felt relaxed without knowing why until a solid form stood in front of them.
 “Wolfing,” Kodi breathed with big eyes. The creator of Wolfing was standing before them as pure and good as the day the pack had been led to these lands by the ghostly deity.
 Wolfing smiled, “Your high spirits and collective effort has driven the darkness back into hiding. You prevailed and the witch’s magic turned on her. With that magic, this new land was forged. This is your reward. Treat it well.”
 The wolves were astonished, “Thank you,” they whispered in amazement. Few wolves ever got to see the creator plainly with their own eyes.
 Wolfing rose with a smile and leapt straight into the air and disappeared in a cloud of starry sparks.
 “We need to return to the pack and inform them of the news,” the beta said after a while, the other Wolfing Leaders were still in shock, including Kodi.
 “You knew?” Kodi questioned.
 The beta’s eyes turned to Kodi with a knowing glint, but then merely shrugged with a small smile, “I had an inkling.”
 “Come on, let’s go!” the sentinel said happily.
 Kodi nodded and they all raced back to Huddle House where their presence had barely been noted. They had only been gone a mere half hour, although it felt like hours.
 “We have more exciting news!” Kodi said and silence fell instantly with only a few curious murmurs. “We were just visited by our founder.” He paused to let the words sink in, “The witch’s magic backfired because of our united effort in retrieving our missing lands. This magic has created a new piece of territory for us. It is called Movie Theatre.” Kodi was unable to keep a smile off his face as he made the announcement.
 “How do we get there?” a wolf asked with barely contained excitement.
 “Over the fallen log in Sunny Glades.” The words had hardly left Kodi’s mouth before the wolves were racing in all directions to get to the new land and explore. Kodi eyed his fellow Wolfing Leaders who smiled and rolled their eyes with amusement. Wild and unruly, the pack might be, but they were still pack. Loyal and kind at their core.

Go check out the new room,


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