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5 March 2016 04:18 AM Posted by: DarkClaw

Wolfing's TRADE ME month!Views: 2285

Hello Wolfies! The Wolfing Leaders are proud to announce Wolfing's official TRADE ME month! As per when this News is posted, it is 05.03.2016. This entire month is dedicated to trading fellow Wolfies. Let us explain! To enter the Trade Me month all it takes is to comment "Trade me!" with an attached *character reference you wish for your trade wolfie to draw, after you have read the following rules: • You are ART ... Read More

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24 January 2016 10:45 PM Posted by: Kat

New LeadersViews: 2281

Greetings, Wolfing! After a close review at all the applicants, the Wolfing Leaders have PM'd the selected applicants and they have all accepted the responsibility and honor of being a WL! Thus, we are pleased to announce the new Gammas! Please welcome: Krue, KiruRaki, Svydre, Xirberis, Crashwolf and Vintage to the team! We hope to many wonderful experiences and friendships, welcome! Thank you all for applying. Regards, Leaders ... Read More

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9 December 2015 05:06 AM Posted by: MinniHowl

Gamma applicationsViews: 2064

The window for applying is closed, we are not taking any more applications this round, thank you for applying! Hello, Wolfing users! The Wolfing Leaders have made an official form of application for possible Gamma candidates. This form is meant to help the Wolfing Leaders find the best possible candidates to fill the position needed in order to benefit the users, the Wolfing Leaders, and the site as a whole. Only one form ... Read More

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9 November 2015 07:43 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Major Custom Pose System UpdateViews: 3763

What happened to my custom poses? The custom pose system has gone through a major update for more features including the support for a separate left pose image on top of an existing right pose image. A more systematic process has been developed to guide users in the creation and use of poses. In order to take advantage of the new custom pose system, you are required to move your existing ... Read More

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10 October 2015 07:30 AM Posted by: Kat

How to Report a User Views: 1751

This News Post shall serve as a semi-official guide on how to properly report a user with Chatlogs provided. Disclaimer The Wolfing Leaders (or Gammas/Moderators) are not only Community Managers, but are also pose moderators, chat moderators and many other functions. We serve the users of Wolfing as fellow users. The only difference is the power we have been given in order to use in certain situations. That is why users are ... Read More

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1 October 2015 07:08 PM Posted by: MinniHowl

Rules revised + Custom Pose updateViews: 2709

Rules revised The wolfing Pack Terms has been completely revised during the last few months, including the Custom Pose rules. The whole Wolfing Leader team has contributed and thought about every single rule in order to make them the best we can. These changes have been made for easier understanding and better wolfing experience for every-wolf. There are also a few new rules. Wolfing Rules 8-11 are brand new and we hope ... Read More

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3 August 2015 10:02 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Cyberbullying - You Could Be a Victim or a Bully When You Get InvolvedViews: 2666

This article is primarily intended to promote a greater level of peace and friendly environment on Wolfing. It is also intended to raise the awareness about cyberbullying, stalking, harassment and online safety so that the users of Wolfing can be better protected from this internet menace. Don't join in the hurling of mean remarks and insults. Help your friends by ending or changing the topic or by leaving the room with ... Read More

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30 July 2015 10:11 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Spoiler Tag for Sniffs and User Time ZonesViews: 1206

Howdy-roos, wolfies? I hope all's been generally well. I've got some cumulative feature updates, changes and fixes to announce as well as an exciting piece of upcoming tidbit to offer at the end. Even though the trails may have run cold between the duration gap of these news articles, Wolfing has been actively changing in the background, paving the way for an exciting future. Among many of these changes are some ... Read More

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2 July 2015 05:10 PM Posted by: Kat

Registrations are open! [restricted]Views: 1309

Hello again, Wolfing! Time for some more update news As per tradition, make sure you've caught up with the changelog if you're interested in details and changes made on Wolfing. There won't be a list this time, because we'll focus on telling you about our brand new registration system! Trust me, it's as exciting as it sounds. You can visit the registration page to see the changes for yourself. (You may have to ... Read More

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12 May 2015 12:55 AM Posted by: Kat

Update news!Views: 865

Hello everyone! What's been "up" with Wolfing? Do you read the changelog? A lot of interesting stuff has happened in the past few months. Some are visible changes, and some aren't. Let's try and break them down into a list: - Sorted out further Websocket issues - New Wolfing layout for mobile devices for easier use - Updated Pack Terms - Implemented an approval system for Feedback - Improved sniff loading times and handling in rooms - ... Read More

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