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30 July 2015 10:11 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

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Howdy-roos, wolfies? I hope all's been generally well.

I've got some cumulative feature updates, changes and fixes to announce as well as an exciting piece of upcoming tidbit to offer at the end. Even though the trails may have run cold between the duration gap of these news articles, Wolfing has been actively changing in the background, paving the way for an exciting future. Among many of these changes are some boring bug fixes and these are all covered in the change log. But I would like to highlight several of them here.

Spoiler Tag for Sniffs

A spoiler tag has been added for the about me section of Sniff profiles. A spoiler tag is some content that you can hide by default so that others who chose to view it can selectively decide to click on them. They are commonly used for hiding spoilers of a story or plot of a book or movie so that users who do not wish to view it may avoid it. The spoiler tag has many more uses on Sniffs aside from hiding spoilers, hence they are also known as "Expandable Content". They can be used to organise and categorise content on your Sniff to make them more manageable to the viewer. You may have a large collection of images you would like to share on your Sniff but want to avoid having visitors to your Sniff load all those images every time they do so. You could also create an FAQ list where the headers contain your questions and the pre-hidden content as the answers.

To use a spoiler or expandable content tag, enclose the content you would like to hide inside these two tags - [spoiler] and [/spoiler]. You can also customise the header or title by using [spoiler=My Custom Title] as the opening tag.

User Time Zones

iPhone users using Safari mobile have in the past been presented with "NaN undefined NaN, NaN:NaNam" as a user's join date on their Sniff profile among other places. This issue has now been fixed with the introduction of a time zone setting for users. While Wolfing will try to emphasise upon the presentation and display of relative times (eg. an amount of time ago), there are cases where dates and times are still useful as supplementary information. Users of Wolfing come from many different time zones. Some of you might have wondered how some user's join dates were on the 29th of January 2014 when Wolfing was launched on the 30th. This is because of the differences in time for different locations.

Wolfing will now begin to use the server's time as the default when displaying date and time information. The server's default time zone is UTC+8. You will start to notice the change in Join Dates on Sniff profiles as they are now with respect to the server's time. In order for Wolfing to know your time zone and to display dates and times according to your local time, you have to set your time zone in the newly added option under your Account Settings. Remember to click on the save changes button below after changing your time zone.

Additional Updates

Oh and before I forget, Howls that contain images can now be edited! Remember that from now on, there's no need to remove the entire Howl and to re-post because you wanted to edit some text in that Howl. I've also included the option for a direct link for reply Howls. You can now grab the link to reference someone to a specific Howl message or reply.

So what's the tidbit? In search of new territories to expand and accommodate our growing pack, we stumbled across some lovely brown pastures. Keep a watch out on Wolfing for the next few days!

Until next time,

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