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6 April 2017 12:24 AM Posted by: Crashwolf

New Wolfing Leaders! Round...... 3.5??Views: 1124

Hello, Wolfing users! As of the past year when we have been looking for new moderators to join us amongst our ranks, we have usually held an application process and picked potential candidates from there. However, this time around, due to it being relatively recent since the last time we had applications open, we decided to bring in some more users from that batch! As of 4/5/2016, Xierox, Salonda, Oakley, Seiun, and ... Read More

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14 March 2017 10:48 PM Posted by: Kat

Wolfing's second TRADE ME month!Views: 2042

Hello Wolfies! We meet again! As before, March is our TRADE ME month which is where artists come together to collaborate their efforts and collect lovely art! If you're new, no worries, all the instructions are below and you are always free to ask a fellow Wolfing Leader for help. The event started on 14th on March and will end on 14th of April, to make it fair since a certain Wolf reporter ... Read More

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28 February 2017 04:20 AM Posted by: Kat

Event announcement - Big Three, Big Bang!Views: 987

Are you ready?! Today is the big day... *drumroll* We've given you a task, and you Wolfies sure have delivered! We wish to thank all the participants, the effort behind your entries was breathtaking and there was no other words to describe. Your drawings and your writing has left us speechless. Alas, it has come time to announce the winners; but just before we do that, we have to show you ... Read More

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31 January 2017 04:56 AM Posted by: Kat

Big Three, Big Bang!Views: 1229

Two down, many to go Have you put on your party hats and prepared the confetti?! It's a very special day today! Give it a big round of howls for Wolfing's THIRD birthday and Kodi's 28th! *confetti* Wolfing has started off as a simple concept and simple website for friends to gather on and chat about their common interests. Kodi has been a huge part of the YouTube community since the ... Read More

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25 December 2016 01:42 AM Posted by: Kat

Merry Christmas, Wolfing!Views: 1626

Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Secret Santa! Keep those tails wagging, and see you next year!PS: Please let the images load. If you want to find yourself quicker, use CTRL+F! For Yechii, For must, Hey, it's your Secret Santa, Though you won't know who I am, I wish you a bottle of Fanta, If you don't like Fanta, I hope you get your wish from Santa The gift you have recieved ... Read More

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22 December 2016 07:58 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Wolfing's Report System Is Finally HereViews: 1028

Introducing the report system Among one of the most essential feature missing from Wolfing since its release is a report system. After much planning, development and testing, it is finally here. Believe it or not, the "Save a copy of these messages" download button in rooms were not originally intended for chat log reporting. It was intended to give users a chance to, well, keep a copy of any precious moments ... Read More

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22 December 2016 07:41 PM Posted by: Crashwolf

New Wolfing Leaders Round ThreeViews: 1073

Hello, Wolfing users! Each time we have done applications, we always get more than we did than we did prior, and this time we received a total of 83 applications! After reviewing all applications received, we are excited to announce our newest batch of Wolfing Leaders! As of 12/22/2016, BattyKoda13, Harley, Dariogan, Aqua, and Captain FuzzButt will be a part of the Wolfing Leader team! Along with these five, we are also ... Read More

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15 December 2016 03:32 AM Posted by: Kat

Secret Santa 2016Views: 1387

Heya Wolfies! It's that time of year again, where the year comes to a close, and Christmas comes around. Therefore, the much anticipated Secret Santa event is ready to go once again! Read carefully, or you might be left with an empty sock! In order to apply for the Secret Santa event, you must send a PM to the The Wolfing Secret Santa account with a PM with the title "Sleigh" ... Read More

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2 December 2016 08:03 AM Posted by: Crashwolf

Wolfing Gamma Applications: Round ThreeViews: 2010

Hello Wolfing users! We are once again opening Gamma applications! If you meet the requirements below, are fairly active on Wolfing, and would like to help out the community, then we would love to hear from you! In order to qualify for possible gamma position, the following criteria are required: - You must be at least 14 years of age. - ... Read More

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13 November 2016 08:58 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Candy Hunt ResultsViews: 1038

Halloween has come and gone. The halloween candy hunt event that lasted for two weeks. Wolfies were required to find and collect all 50 candies that would randomly appear throughout the rooms. It started out to be easy with many people collecting over 20 candies within the first few days. But it progressively got harder, especially when it comes to collecting those super rare candies. But we have one exceptional ... Read More

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