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22 December 2016 07:58 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Wolfing's Report System Is Finally HereViews: 984

Introducing the report system

Among one of the most essential feature missing from Wolfing since its release is a report system. After much planning, development and testing, it is finally here. Believe it or not, the "Save a copy of these messages" download button in rooms were not originally intended for chat log reporting. It was intended to give users a chance to, well, keep a copy of any precious moments they had on Wolfing!

What is the purpose of the report system?

The report system is intended to provide a more convenient and organised method for users who wish to file a report for anything related to Wolfing. It catalogs reported cases for easy reference and allows the reporters to keep track on the status of their reports. Users can also provide additional updates to their case report and communicate privately with Wolfing Leaders to resolve their case. Reporters can also close a case they have previously reported for instances such as the reported case no longer being an issue.

How can I make a report using the new system?

There is a "Report" button located at the bottom of every page on Wolfing just before "Feedback". This will take you to the report page where you can choose to make a new report or to view the reports that you've made. There are currently 5 report types available to choose from at the moment - Room Conversation, User, Custom Pose, Profile (which includes profile pictures), and Howl. There is also an option for "Other" if your report does not fit into any of the existing categories.

A "Report a message" button is also included in every room just beside the download chat log button. This embedded report button will allow you to conveniently select messages in a public room chat that you wish to report. At this point of its release, you can only report a public room message. More embedded reporting options for howls and profiles will be added in the future.

How can I view cases that I have submitted?

Use the "Report" button located at the bottom to view a list of your reported cases. After successfully submitting a report, you will either be redirected, or a link will be provided to your report page where you can view a list of your reports. When there is an update or response to your report, you will receive a notification in your Wolfing Menu and you may access your reports page from that menu itself. Reporters are able to see if Wolfing Leaders have decided whether there is sufficient proof and a valid reason to take action against their reported user. However, they are not allowed to know the details of the action taken, which can range from a warning to a permanent ban.

New rule to go along with the report system

A new Wolfing Rule number 12 has been added to prevent the abuse of the report system. It states that reports cannot be false or excessive. They have to be related to Wolfing and should follow the rest of the rules. While it may now be a lot easier to report another user, every report shall be verified before action is taken. Therefore, you need not worry about being falsely or purposely reported. The selected room messages embedded together with a report are tamper-proof.

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Fountain 3 years, 5 months ago
I only checked out the report page and so far, I am liking it! It's highly usable when others are causing a disturbance by drama, or when a user uses a pose that is against the Wolfing rules. I am glad this has finally been put into the website, thank you Kodi!
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WolfKodi 3 years, 5 months ago
It may take time for some web browsers, even if they are of the same browser type, to update the new report icon and code. If you have trouble seeing the icon or selecting room messages in the report pop up, try holding down the Ctrl key and then pressing the F5 key on your keyboard to perform a hard refresh. You browser should reload everything on that page all over again.
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Amphitrite 3 years, 5 months ago
Nice feature, and wise to add in that you all can tell if it is tampered with or not.
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Xierox 3 years, 5 months ago
What a great tool to use for the site ^.^
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Cermet 3 years, 5 months ago
yay! finally people could stop being such idiots and offending others.
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BlacknWhite88 3 years, 5 months ago
Ikr, i'm really happy about this