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25 July 2014 05:20 AM Posted by: Kat

The bigger - the better!Views: 757

I'd like to take this opportunity in the name of Wolfing to welcome all of our new members (more than 20) that have joined our lovely community recently. We are more than happy to take you into our pack, and we hope you have a lovely stay here! But please bare in mind, the more the users - the busier the site. I'd also like to remind our wolfies to respect ... Read More

19 June 2014 05:17 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Custom Pose Feature To Be Removed From PupsViews: 1427

Effective two days from now, new members or those with Pup rank will have to wait until they achieve Delta rank before they can enjoy the custom pose feature. When this is in effect, our current Pups will still be able to use their existing custom poses but they will not be able to add, edit, or remove any of them. They are given two days from now to make ... Read More

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6 May 2014 06:17 AM Posted by: Kat

Custom Pose Rule Violations and EnforcementsViews: 1493

The custom pose feature here on Wolfing has been the main focus for users giving them absolute freedom to as what their character will look like in rooms! But as much freedom as you have with the Custom Pose (abbreviated C.P.) upload feature, you are still obligated to go by the rules that come with that same feature. Enforcement We've had some recent C.P. rule violations and with that have come ... Read More

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13 April 2014 06:07 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Heartbleed BugViews: 899

Wolfing is not affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug. Users of Wolfing do not need to take any action which would have included changing their passwords or logging out of all devices. This is because the Heartbleed Bug only affects sites that use the secure web or https connection, indicated by a green padlock sign on most web browsers. The secure connection is only more common on sites that perform financial ... Read More

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2 April 2014 11:46 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Images and More Features for CommentsViews: 760

I've added more features for comments. The most prominent being the ability to attach and display images directly in comments. Profile owners are now given the control to remove any comment they see fit that were posted on their profiles. Image attachments adds a whole new dimension to the appearance of comments from plain text to vibrant photographs and intriguing artworks. I find the upload feature handy because I can take ... Read More

23 March 2014 05:56 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Bots in the online list. What are they?Views: 919

These bots are known as Internet or Web Robots and they are mainly used by search engines to automatically, as they call it, "crawl" the entire internet visiting and indexing web pages for their search results. They have been crawling Wolfing ever since it went online but I've only just recently separated and distinguished their presence from the online guest count number. The most widely known bot is Googlebot and ... Read More

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16 March 2014 05:25 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

What's that sound? Whispering!Views: 1824

Whispering is now fully supported. It has been rolled out through stages over the past two weeks. Through this period, some might have noticed an additional option to whisper appearing in the interaction menu. There is also a whole bunch of random updates below during the last three weeks of news silence. So what is a whisper? Whisper is a feature that allows you to talk privately with another user. Hence ... Read More

21 February 2014 09:06 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Friends! Finally!Views: 802

I am excited to announce that the much anticipated friends list is now here! The blue double wolf icon, that you've seen beside your profile picture at the top of pages since a week ago, is now functional! You will also notice that I've updated profile pages to include a friends count and also the option to request to become friends with that person. Only confirmed friends will be included in the ... Read More

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20 February 2014 09:05 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Edit Profile Page UpdatedViews: 684

There is now a preview feature for your About Me edit section so that you can format and style your profile to your heart's content before saving the changes. I have also removed the About Me section preview above since there is no need for that now with the preview option. To further reduce the page clutter, I have automatically hidden the list of your current custom poses (if any). You can ... Read More

19 February 2014 09:05 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

58 Additional Gender ChoicesViews: 684

In respose to both user request and websites like Facebook who recently expanded their gender choices, Wolfing is quick to adopt the same, providing its minority users a choice to choose a gender that they personally identify themselves with. Registered users can now head over to Edit Profile and choose from 58 different custom gender choices. Users can also choose whether to be referred to as "he", "she" or "they".