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6 May 2014 06:17 AM Posted by: Kat

Custom Pose Rule Violations and EnforcementsViews: 1451

The custom pose feature here on Wolfing has been the main focus for users giving them absolute freedom to as what their character will look like in rooms! But as much freedom as you have with the Custom Pose (abbreviated C.P.) upload feature, you are still obligated to go by the rules that come with that same feature.


We've had some recent C.P. rule violations and with that have come a few Gammas (Moderators) to the team. They have the ability to inspect and check the user's custom poses, if the user is suspected of violating the rules or if the user was reported to them. If the suspection/reports turns out to be true, immediate action will be taken. The user will recieve a warning, with removal of the violated poses.
The users are always in position to check their Custom Pose standing in the settings page.

If the user has been given a warning, they will see this on their account as represented on the following image: (pic to come)

If the user has recieved 3 or more warnings (they could also be suspended effective immediately depending on the seriousness of the violation), their C.P. account status will stand as "Suspended", they will be suspended of the privilege to upload their own custom poses for the given amount of time; as represented in the following image: (pic to come)

(The moderators will in no way steal/retrace/repost your custom poses. Your custom poses are protected by the site and cannot be accessed by any other user other than a user with rights to do so, such as an Alpha, Beta, or Gamma.)

What can I do?

If you see a user violating the Custom Pose rules, or by any means harassing another user, please report it to one of the site's moderators via PM or whisper: WolfKodi, xBaltoWolf, Foreverlostheroes, Kat, Saphirawolf

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darkie 4 years, 5 months ago
how do you upload a pose??