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21 February 2014 09:06 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Friends! Finally!Views: 771

I am excited to announce that the much anticipated friends list is now here! The blue double wolf icon, that you've seen beside your profile picture at the top of pages since a week ago, is now functional! You will also notice that I've updated profile pages to include a friends count and also the option to request to become friends with that person. Only confirmed friends will be included in the friends count.

Once the other user has accepted your friend request, you can conveniently view their online status from the list. The friends list is sorted by their respective last seen times in decending order. This means that online friends and friends who have more recently visited the website would appear at the top of the list. Hovering your cursor over the glowing status dot beside their names would provide you with more details about their current status such as "Away 5 minutes ago". If your friends are currently in a room, a link to the room that they are in would show up below their name. I will be adding more features to this status to the point where you would see something like "Currently viewing your profile" if they are not in any room. And as I am typing this, I see user Alantheomega already taking advantage of this friends list by adding people before I can officially announced this. =P

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Alantheomega 4 years, 4 months ago
Silly Alan is Silly
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Crystal 4 years, 8 months ago
AWWW,all of the gammas are puppys :>