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16 March 2014 05:25 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

What's that sound? Whispering!Views: 1771

Whispering is now fully supported. It has been rolled out through stages over the past two weeks. Through this period, some might have noticed an additional option to whisper appearing in the interaction menu. There is also a whole bunch of random updates below during the last three weeks of news silence.

So what is a whisper? Whisper is a feature that allows you to talk privately with another user. Hence the name whisper. Only you and the person you whispered to will be able to see the whispered messages. This also includes the whisper typing status. You know that someone is whispering to you when you see that half transparent pencil or eraser. The rest of the people in the room would not be able to see this typing status. Therefore, you can whisper in complete privacy.

You can send a whisper using one of the three following ways. The most obvious way is to click on a user and select the whisper option from the interaction menu. The would fill your message input box with the whisper command and name of that user where you can just enter your message and send the whisper. This leads us to the second method of whispering, which is to type the command directly in the input box. The command for whispering is "/w name message" where name would be the username of the person you want to whisper to and message being your whisper message, each of these being separated by a single space. If the username contains a space, replace it with "[sp]", for example "/w Night[sp]Howl message". You can reply to the last person who whispered to you by using the reply command like this "/r message". But a more convenient way of replying to whispers is to use the whisper tabs that appear at the bottom of your message input box whenever you receive a whisper. Click on the tab of the user you want to reply to and it should highlight in blue, you can then enter your message directly in the input box without the use of any commands.

As an extended feature, you can also whisper across rooms. This means that you can whisper to a user in another room.

Even though there were no site news between this and the last, I have been actively updating the site by fixing minor bugs and improving code and site engine. Some of the biggest changes include upgrading and changing the server's operating system to one with far better memory management. This led to an extremely stable server up time. The server's down time several weeks ago drove me crazy. It appeared to go down right after I went to sleep leading some to say that it sleeps with me. But I'm glad that's history now. I've also entirely re-coded the way room scene information is sent and received. This cuts internet traffic by as much as 3 to 4 times, leading to faster response times too.

I've also added two new poses to the default set: "Facepaw" and "Cry". The room chatbox height, sound and mute howls checkbox option will now be remembered by the browser. I have not mentioned this before but you can clear your chat box by using the "/c" command. "/clc" and "/clear" also works. I will come up with a "/h" command for help that will display all available commands in the future. There is also an option to download a copy of the user messages but it only works for Chrome at this point. There will be more exciting updates to come shortly. But till then, this is Kods signing off. *whew*

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