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25 July 2014 05:20 AM Posted by: Kat

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I'd like to take this opportunity in the name of Wolfing to welcome all of our new members (more than 20) that have joined our lovely community recently. We are more than happy to take you into our pack, and we hope you have a lovely stay here!
But please bare in mind, the more the users - the busier the site. I'd also like to remind our wolfies to respect eachother and help the new wolfies get around :)

Concider this a small "What do I do first?" guide:
• Read the rules, the rules are your friend!
Pack Terms
• Confused about the different colored names? The guide might be helpful!
• Like or dislike what you see? Let us know in the feedback section!
• The latest news!

Tip: All of the links above can be found on the bottom of the page.
With love, Kat

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