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1 March 2015 11:09 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Introducing Wolfing StashViews: 1491

Ever wanted a place to retrieve or look back at the images that you've uploaded on Wolfing? Wolfing Stash is the place that automatically stashes images that you upload and share in rooms and Howl posting. For those who are not familiar, Howls are pieces of articles, comments or social information that you choose to share with a particular individual or friends in general. Each user has their own private ... Read More

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19 February 2015 12:04 AM Posted by: Kat

New rule addition - Chatsite PosesViews: 2289

Good morning/afternoon/evening wolfies! We are here to announce our new addition to the pose rule #1. "Poses that are free for use on other sites such as Chatlands or WolfHome does not mean that they are free for use on Wolfing. Please do not use poses specifically made for these sites because Wolfing is not affiliated with any other sites. "What does it mean? This means that any pose(s) that are explicitly ... Read More

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16 January 2015 04:08 PM Posted by: Kat

WebsocketsViews: 1357

"Left behind long-polling technology and started implimentation of websocket for room connections." You all must be wondering: "What are WebSockets?" "WebSockets is an advanced technology that makes it possible to open an interactive communication session between the user's browser and a server. With this API, you can send messages to a server and receive event-driven responses without having to poll the server for a reply." In translation, it brings a different ... Read More

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26 December 2014 11:40 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Image Upload And Sharing In RoomsViews: 1473

Being a partial artistic community here on Wolfing, I've always loved the ability to share doodles, drawings, photographs and images, both on the pack howls and within rooms. Today, I've not only included an image upload option inside rooms, but I've also made the process a lot easier and convenient by allowing clipboard-copied images to be pasted, or local image files to dragged and dropped directly into the sharing boxes. ... Read More

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21 December 2014 09:12 PM Posted by: ForeverLostHeroes

New Rule ChangesViews: 994

Several changes to the rules have been made! After hearing user's input and many discussions among the leaders of Wolfing, we've added onto existing rules, as well as created an entirely new one. Wolfing Rule 6 Ever noticed any usernames that were inappropriate? Well this rule is here to address any of those. All usernames created should comply with Wolfing's Pack Terms. If you see a username that breaks this rule, let ... Read More

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20 December 2014 05:44 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Room User Capacity And Its LimitViews: 973

The limit on the number of users that can simultaneous be in a single room has been increased from 12 to 16. It is understandable that at times a larger group of users would like share their company together. They could share a larger party. A user limit on rooms is required for a number of reasons. Apart from potential overcrowding as the room runs out of visual space, the more ... Read More

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15 December 2014 04:38 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Introducing Wolfing's Blocking FeatureViews: 1736

While Wolfing offers a wonderful way to have fun and keep in touch with friends with similar interest, as with any social network, there is potential for people you would rather not be in touch with or have them contact you. Our privacy is our basic right. There are times when we do not want to share our custom poses or public room activity with certain individuals. The option to ... Read More

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28 October 2014 03:00 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Upgraded News With HowlsViews: 853

You can now post comments on news articles! Each news or announcement article has its very own page, properly formatted web address and title made accessible by a reformatted news listing page. The news page for Wolfing first began as a semi changelog-like style that intended to list everything on a single page. However, the news page has grown so much that it deserves to be better catagorised. This update ... Read More

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2 October 2014 11:34 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Wolfing CatastropheViews: 1432

On the 30th of September (just two days ago), Wolfing suffered from a highly unprecedented main storage drive complete wipeout. As a drive for my router, it also contained crucial configurations and special modules for connecting to our fiber internet. We were without internet for a while. I was performing a file system upgrade on the drive when the disaster occurred. I specifically instructed linux to wipe the drive with ... Read More

27 September 2014 01:28 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Shellshock BugViews: 827

Wolfing is not affected by the Bash bug known as Shellshock. Users of Wolfing can continue to use this site feeling at ease. This Bash bug has caused widespread attention and panic since 24th September 2014 when it was announced to the public. This security exploit is of greater concern compared to the Heartbleed bug earlier this year because an even greater amount of servers are vulnerable as this covers ... Read More