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2 October 2014 11:34 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Wolfing CatastropheViews: 1388

On the 30th of September (just two days ago), Wolfing suffered from a highly unprecedented main storage drive complete wipeout. As a drive for my router, it also contained crucial configurations and special modules for connecting to our fiber internet. We were without internet for a while. I was performing a file system upgrade on the drive when the disaster occurred. I specifically instructed linux to wipe the drive with the newly formatted file system but it cleared my backup drive instead. I could hardly sleep that night.

What has been lost and what CAN BE DONE:

1. Database records up to a month ago from today. If you have registered for an account, updated you profile, posted a howl, sent a private messages, or added a new friend within the last month, you will have to do it again. You can use sites like cachedpages to help you recover your profile pages. Faithdougwolve has written a nice mini tutorial on his howl post here.

2. Files uploaded after March this year. This includes profile pictures, custom poses, and howl post images. You can still re-upload your profile picture and custom poses in your edit profile page. The pose sizing and names should still be present. Just select the files accordingly and save it. If you see your own howl post image missing want to re-upload it, just upload it like you would normally do without posting it. The file name has to be the same however.

3. Default poses created after March this year. If your default poses show up as the pose not found image, go to your edit profile and click on the "Regenerate Default Pose Set" button.

Here is an example of what will be shown in place of a missing image. I came up with it real quick this afternoon.

After what happened, I am thankful being able to recover within just two days and bring Wolfing back to a state where I can present it back with just a few minor things left. Let us start partially anew and look to a brighter future and put the past behind us. Start posting new howls and to build new beautiful memories! You can do that for Wolfing, right?

It was a devastating experience for me. Experiences like this make Wolfing even strong than ever now. It is ready to tackle and face any challenges in the future.

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