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1 March 2015 11:09 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Introducing Wolfing StashViews: 1434

Ever wanted a place to retrieve or look back at the images that you've uploaded on Wolfing? Wolfing Stash is the place that automatically stashes images that you upload and share in rooms and Howl posting. For those who are not familiar, Howls are pieces of articles, comments or social information that you choose to share with a particular individual or friends in general. Each user has their own private stash which is accessible via the account menu and listed as "Your Stash". As of this news posting, only images are supported. These files remain private until you share their links out. Scrolling down to the bottom of your stash would automatically load more of your stashes and you can repeat this process until all your stashes are shown. Stashes are ordered with the most recent upload to be shown first. You may click on an image to enlarge it. Clicking on it a second time brings it back to its original size.

Users who uploaded howl images before they got unforeseeably erased back in September may encounter a heap of "Image Not Found" placeholders. If you still have those images, you can choose to re-upload them using the same filename so that they may show up properly instead of a missing image placeholder on their respective Howls.

By hovering your cursor (or long pressing for touchscreen devices) over an item in your stash, you get an automatically-highlighted direct link to that item that you can copy. The presence of a Howl icon to the top-left corner indicates that you have previously shared that item in a Howl. Hover your cursor over the settings button that shows up at the top-right corner to reveal that item's option menu. The delete button comes with a confirmation to prevent accidental deletes.

On a side note, the in-room block option that appears on the menu when you click on a character also comes with a confirmation so you need not worry about accidentally blocking another user. Please check your Block List under your account settings to ensure that you have blocked any users in the past by accident.

When in-rooms, you can use the command "/stash" to show the last 5 of your most recently uploaded stash. There is a link "View More Stash" at the top that brings you to your stash page. You can use this command on any whisper tab your might be on. The same applies to the "/help" and "/clear" command where the clear command clears only the messages in the tab that you are on.

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DarkStar 5 years, 2 months ago
How cool!
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Kat 5 years, 3 months ago
I love stash :3
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DakotaTheWhiteWolfAJ 5 years, 3 months ago
Thats awesome!
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MinniHowl 5 years, 3 months ago
Nice job Kodi! Knew you had to be somewhere fixing up some awesome stuff, and you were! :D
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ForeverLostHeroes 5 years, 3 months ago
I knew that's where you were >:3 Hehe good job Mr. Woofersen ^^
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WolfKodi 5 years, 3 months ago
What do you mean? >:3
Thanks ^^
I kinda made a selection mistake. I wanted the stash to stack images by aligning them accroding to rows the way google image seach result does but what I had initially started with is called a mansory layout where they are aligned according to columns. Given this layout, in somecases you might find gaps/holes and it is less orderly making it difficult to look at the order of images in some cases.