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27 October 2016 09:47 PM Posted by: MinniHowl

Halloween Candy HuntViews: 2355

Happy Halloween! As you may have noticed, some Halloween decorations have appeared. However, we have more in store for you. This Halloween, we are giving you an actual hunt. This event will last for 2 weeks starting from today, the 27th of October and ending on the 10th of November. We have prepared a total of 50 unique candies, designed and created by Epiland and Spin. These candies will appear randomly in ... Read More

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15 September 2016 03:46 PM Posted by: MinniHowl

Official Wolfing Forum!Views: 1482

Greeting fellow wolfies, We finally have an Official Wolfing Forum! This forum came to life through our former Beta, Crashwolf, and myself. This is an external third party forum affiliated with Wolfing which means that the forum has its own rules and its own moderators. If you have a problem with the forum, you need to contact the moderators over there and not the Wolfing Leaders here. It's a whole new and ... Read More

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11 September 2016 02:34 AM Posted by: Kat

Free poses for Wolfing - by WolfingViews: 4360

Hello Wolfies! For quite some time now we've had our users create free poses for our site, but we had no place to put them all, and we figured - News (for now). We want you to have the best, dazzling poses you can have, and the following have been created by our users for our users. We want to keep this list updated, so please comment below on some poses we ... Read More

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30 August 2016 05:49 PM Posted by: Kat

Upcoming Wolfing features!Views: 1400

Hello Wolfies! The Wolfing Leaders have some very exciting things in store to announce. Bring out the trumpets and start the drumroll... Wolfing's development has always gone at a slow, but certain pace, as WolfKodi is the only developer working on it. Thanks to our community, almost on a daily basis we receive amazing suggestions through the feedback and add it on our to-do list to make Wolfing a better place ... Read More

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13 July 2016 12:31 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Introducing the Beta Rank and Wolfing's First BetasViews: 1519

Howl-lo, wolfies! I hope things have been great going. Wolfing has been running for more than two years. During this period, many have wondered what the Beta rank on Wolfing is for and when will it ever be used. The team of moderators for Wolfing, also know as the Wolfing Leaders, began with only 4 Gammas and has grown to a recent peak of 17 Gammas. In order for our team ... Read More

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26 June 2016 11:46 AM Posted by: Crashwolf

New Page: Wolfing Leader List, Status, and UpdatesViews: 1592

Hello, Wolfing users! We have a small but important announcement today. When the Leader team was smaller, it was easy to keep track of all the Leaders, who was a leader, who was active, etc. But now we have a much bigger team, 17 Wolfing leaders in total, which consist of 1 Alpha and 16 Gammas! A number that big can be hard to keep track of who is available and ... Read More

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24 May 2016 12:34 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

New Wolfing Leaders Round TwoViews: 1621

After a close review of all 75 applicants, we are excited to announce our new Wolfing Leaders! Thank you to everyone who responded and do not be overly disappointed if you didn't make it this round as there will be future opportunities. Separating the candidates into two timezones, here are the selected Gammas that will be joining our existing team of Wolfing Leaders: US: Kiro, Dogsled, Ruby, Invictus EU: Theon, Lintegrisse, Spin, Deezeh We ... Read More

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21 May 2016 12:36 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Pose Right Left Orientation GuideViews: 3846

The Green Line Issue The green line system was meant to be a consistent method for determining pose orientation. It uses the relative position of a character's head in an image to determine which side the head is on as the pose orientation. It does the job of solving the inconsistencies we had earlier. While it matches most of our intuition of the direction a pose ought to be facing, there ... Read More

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4 May 2016 11:53 PM Posted by: Kat

Announcement regarding spam related contentViews: 1153

Dear Wolfies,after an increase in chain mail and other spam related content the Wolfing Leaders have decided that after this News post is published and takes effect the users posting said content will result in receiving a 24hour ban as a strike on their account. What does this mean? Every user is responsible for their account. Recently new accounts have been made for the sole purpose of posting/reposting spam and/or chain mail. ... Read More

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2 May 2016 07:43 PM Posted by: Crashwolf

Gamma Applications: Round 2Views: 1938

/!\/!\/!\ Applications are now closed, and we are no longer accepting any further applications. Thank you to those who applied! /!\/!\/!\ Hello, Wolfing users! You may remember that in December of 2015, the Wolfing Leaders opened Gamma applications for the first time. This was largely successful in finding new candidates and it was practice that we decided to keep next time the need for more Gammas has arisen. That time ... Read More

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