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26 June 2016 11:46 AM Posted by: Crashwolf

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Hello, Wolfing users! We have a small but important announcement today.

When the Leader team was smaller, it was easy to keep track of all the Leaders, who was a leader, who was active, etc. But now we have a much bigger team, 17 Wolfing leaders in total, which consist of 1 Alpha and 16 Gammas! A number that big can be hard to keep track of who is available and who isn't, even for us. Which is why today we are unveiling the Wolfing Leader status list!

The list currently being shown on the right is how it looks on the page currently, this will not always be true. This list itself will be updated on the page. As you can see, it lists every Wolfing Leader on the team, along with their rank, their region of residence, and then their status. It is important to note that this list is updated manually and not automatically, so if you feel a Leaders status is not correct, please ask a Wolfing Leader, though Leaders are not obligated to tell you any specific reasons a Leader is listed as anything other than Active.

Active: This doesn't mean they are online at the moment! It just means they are active and online almost every day, and that you can whisper/inbox them at any time with a report or concern and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

Semi-active: This means that the Leader is somewhat active, but not as active as the Leaders who are list as Active and thus if you inbox this Leader, they may not reply as quickly as others. There can be many reasons a Leader is list as semi-active, and they are private within the team unless the Leader themselves chooses to say the reason.

Away: Away means that the Leader has explained to the team that they will be unable to frequently access Wolfing for a period of time. A leader with this status may not log in for quite some time, depending on the reasoning. Once again, reasons are kept private unless the Leader in question wishes to disclose.

Inactive: Ideally this will rarely be used, but it is an option in case the need arises. Leaders listed as Inactive have been away from Wolfing for an extended period of time, with or without a reason. We have also been unable to contact them, they have not logged into Wolfing for weeks, or they have told us they will not be able to log in for weeks. Any reasons are once again private.

The second half of this page is Wolfing Leader updates. This portion is rather simple: it updates when someone joins the team, leaves the team, or in one case so far, when a Leader switches which account they would like to moderate on. Check this when any such event occurs!

To access this page, you may click here. Alternatively, it is also accessible under the Pack Hierarchy section on the About/Guide page on the top of the front page.
That's all from us for now, have a good day and keep an eye out for more updates to come, whether as a news post or in the changelog!


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BattyKoda13 3 years, 11 months ago
This is definitely a good thing to add!
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This is amaze