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2 May 2016 07:43 PM Posted by: Crashwolf

Gamma Applications: Round 2Views: 1888

/!\/!\/!\ Applications are now closed, and we are no longer accepting any further applications. Thank you to those who applied! /!\/!\/!\

Hello, Wolfing users!

You may remember that in December of 2015, the Wolfing Leaders opened Gamma applications for the first time. This was largely successful in finding new candidates and it was practice that we decided to keep next time the need for more Gammas has arisen. That time has now come, and the Gamma applications are back open once more! For the next two weeks you can submit your applications.

In case you are in need of a refresher, here are the rules and requirements of submitting a Gamma application:

Only one form may be filled by each user. By the end of the application you will get a link which enables you to go back to your application and change your answers - if needed - before the deadline. We advise you to save this link until the deadline is up. Applicants, which do not follow the set requirements, will be disregarded. Be honest in your application, lying is not tolerated, and doing so will terminate your chances.

In order to qualify for possible gamma position, the following criteria are required:
- You must be at least 14 years of age.
- You must be a Delta in order to qualify for Gamma promotion.
- Your command of English should be fairly good.
- You should have few to no previous records.
- You must be communicable and fairly easy to reach.
- You must be able to participate in discussions and debates.
- You should be a team player and be able to work with a group.
- You must know that you have time to commit to the responsibilities of a Wolfing Leader, be it discussions, registration, howl, chat, or pose moderation, and more.
- Note that this is volunteer work, but you must still take your responsibilities seriously.

After the set two-week period of taking applications, the Wolfing Leaders will review the applications and private message (PM) the possible candidates with further instructions. Only possible candidates will receive a PM. If you do not receive a PM, don't worry, there will be other chances.

/!\The deadline for submitting applications is May 16th, 2016 at 23:59 UTC! Any applications submitted after this deadline will not be considered./!\

Also, please note! If you applied in the previous round of applications and were not accepted and would like to be reconsidered, you must apply again. We will not be looking over applications from the previous round, this is a fresh start.

You may view the application form here.

If you have further questions, feel free to leave a comment, or contact a Wolfing Leader directly.

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Buffy 4 years ago
Good luck!
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Crashwolf 4 years ago
Gamma applications are now closed. Thank you to those who applied, and be sure to keep an eye on your inbox notifications in the coming week or so!
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Amphitrite 4 years ago
I'm kinda nervous.. I'm so weird.. I'm sorry.. I get nervous xD
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Agentlorenzo 4 years ago
I'm nervous too. Don't worry everyone gets nervous.
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Rocky62206 4 years ago
Good luck to all who applied!
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Crashwolf 4 years ago
24 hours left to submit your Gamma applications!
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Praseodymium 4 years ago
How many will you be accepting this time?
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Crashwolf 4 years ago
As far as I am aware, we don't have a set number we are looking for. It all depends on the applications we receive : )
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Ulv 4 years ago
Good luck to everyone :D <3
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Good luck to everyone who has submitted a application! Again I wish you all good luck~! Have a nice night :D <33333
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Lion 4 years ago
I give good luck to all applicants, I wish I could apply but I can't since I'm a Pup (or a Cub, because of my username huehue)
But good luck, applicants!
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Vamoose 4 years ago
Good luck everyone who applied
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CookiePup 4 years ago
I'd apply but I'm not old enough to become one.
Besides from that, good luck to everyone applying!
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