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21 December 2014 09:12 PM Posted by: ForeverLostHeroes

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Several changes to the rules have been made! After hearing user's input and many discussions among the leaders of Wolfing, we've added onto existing rules, as well as created an entirely new one.

Wolfing Rule 6
Ever noticed any usernames that were inappropriate? Well this rule is here to address any of those. All usernames created should comply with Wolfing's Pack Terms. If you see a username that breaks this rule, let any of our Moderators know. Check out the rule Here.

Asides from that, a bunch of pose rules have been changed. Please check your poses and make sure that they do not break any of the rules and/or new ones. Pose Rule 1 is all about having rights to your poses and crediting guidelines. In Pose Rule 5, we have added some clarification on the use of Anthropomorphic poses. As a quick reminder, your character should be the main attention and may not be cut off or incomplete.

Here's some links to those rules: Wolfing Pose Rule 1. Wolfing Pose Rule 5.

Lastly, according to the Pose Rule 8, "The artwork of custom poses must be of acceptable quality that is at least of comparable anatomical accuracy to that of Wolfing's default poses." This does not mean all poses must be the same as the default set, it states the pose must be anatomically accurate and made with genuine effort. We understand the experience levels of artists and do not require you to be the best. The only poses that would violate this rule are ones that completely or severely do not resemble the animal it is supposed to. Never forget, there is always the default pose set that you may modify and color, along with *free poses that can be found all over the internet!

Here's a link to Pose Rule 8: Wolfing Pose Rule 8.

We hope that these rule changes further benefit Wolfing's growing community :3
*Free poses must comply with the Wolfing Pose Rule 1.

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Kat 5 years, 5 months ago
i love it! thanks~
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WolfKodi 5 years, 5 months ago
Nice image to go with the article! ^^
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ForeverLostHeroes 5 years, 5 months ago
Thanks Kodi!