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23 March 2014 05:56 AM Posted by: WolfKodi

Bots in the online list. What are they?Views: 888

These bots are known as Internet or Web Robots and they are mainly used by search engines to automatically, as they call it, "crawl" the entire internet visiting and indexing web pages for their search results. They have been crawling Wolfing ever since it went online but I've only just recently separated and distinguished their presence from the online guest count number.

The most widely known bot is Googlebot and it is currently at version 2.1. This is the number one internet search engine giant's (Google) very own bot of course. However there exist many other bots, most of which I've not heard of, that have visited or crawled Wolfing. When you see a bot online, you can hover your mouse over them to view more details such as how often that particular bot has crawled Wolfing. Most bots operate using multiple IP addresses and thus in some cases you would see multiple copies of the same bot such as the one shown in the screenshot above.

So what are bots doing here? They are indexing any pages on Wolfing that are made available to the public non-registered users. This includes user profiles, site news and guides. Don't worry, they would not be able to view any of the messages you exchange in rooms unless they somehow managed to create an account on Wolfing, successfully verify their account through email, and then enter a room. Most bots would not make it pass the first step because Wolfing has bot account registration protection. But I still think it would be cool to see a Google bot wolf in one of the rooms, wouldn't you say so? XD

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