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I'd rather be insulted than given false praise.
It's an excuse to not be a soppy git trying to be nice, I try too hard to be nice.
Such a thing gets boring a repetitive, it's bollocks.

Embrace yourselves, you're all unique bastards.

(Just as a heads up I'm not interested in internet dating)

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Sorbid 1 year, 11 months ago
I've been feeling like shit lately so I'm going to have a break from being online. I don't want any sympathy for being ill or some shit like that, I'll see you all when I see you.
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Sorbid 1 year, 11 months ago
Who considered this century old being to be sexist? Fuck me it's just a magical jolly bloke giving out presents not some woman hating basterd. As well as this snowmen are apprently sexist too even though they're just people made out of fucking snow. How are feminists and whoever else so offended by things that have been around for hundreds of years? Tell me.
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Sorbid 2 years ago
The world is collapsing in on it's self in both a political and general manner. America has an orange fart for a president and the uk is facing a divorce. What a wonderful world. It's taking it's revenge through storms and hurricanes which are biting us all in arse. We're all being scammed by the facade which is being set in front of our eyes. Wonderful right?
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Sorbid 2 years, 1 month ago Edited 2 years ago
'Oh I won't forget about you or ignore you, we'll keep in touch'
Yet it's been four months and you've had nothing to do with me. Once I finished year 11 with these two people they completely shunned me. One told me that if I ever grew depressed and took medication for it he'd leave me to have no one. How polite. He also claimed that I'd fail my exams. Even more polite. The other claimed that I was over weight and unfit. That made me smile for fucking sure. It seems to me that the two dicks I called friends truly don't give two shits. I use to message them saying hello to only be ignored so I've unfriended them on social media. But they took no note. I understand that they might have shit going on but to me they used me during our time in school together due to how I use to be. They'd patronise me and basically laugh at me for not being so clever. In return they don't give two shits about me. One of them only said hello to me because they happened to walk by me. She seemed scared. Fucking scared. I don't know why to be honest.
To me this just shows how tiring and one sided friendships can me. I just want you all to know that you shouldn't allow yourself to be hooked to be friends with such toxic people. I only did so due to my anxiety tying me to them. I was so stupid to come back to them after they faked being my friends for two years and falling out with me over shit things like pronunciations. Don't be as pathetic as I was. I expect you all to be better than that.
But over all I want to just say a thanks to those of you who are my friends on here. Compared to the majority of people that I know outside of here you're not dicks. You're the real deal. But I can't promise that I'll be nice constantly and being poxy. I've had enough of being a nice twat. I also don't want attention or sympathy for this, I just wanted to get it off my chest.
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Sorbid 2 years, 1 month ago
Love me, hate me, despise me I don't mind. Honesty can show you a lot of things. Try using it sometime it does the fucking world a wonder. Compared to hiding behind a mask of kindness and poxy laughs and smiles you're not being the pompous arsehole you make yourself out to be. Lying about such a pointless and crappy thing makes the whole situation we're set in to be a joke. A pathetic joke. So don't be a pussy about it and just be honest. I admire honesty more than dealing with a bastard who keeps up the facade of a 'friendship'. So go ahead. Try it.
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Sorbid 2 years, 1 month ago Edited 2 years ago
Lately I've been realising one thing which the majority of schools push toward students. They strip away their soul and personality. Everyone has to be the same with no 'extreme' haircuts. I highly doubt that any of the cunts in charge had a real childhood if they're this strict in kids. I remember being called out just for wearing two sets of earrings. It's bollocks. Don't you agree? I don't understand how your hair and clothes effect your learning. According to my school it improves learning to wear officer wear when you're in your college years... Yet some people don't improve or become worse with a change of clothes. It's a crap excuse. Push the boundaries and see where that shit gets you, if anything it'll knock some sense in to them... The boring old sods.

Besides this I have seen a few teachers calling out some kids for joking with their friends. Apparently being a clown and having fun is not allowed. Well shit. I guess I'm screwed... In all honesty though there must be something that's causing these oh so knowledgeable adults to be so strict and bland. Maybe they know something we don't huh?
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Sorbid 2 years, 1 month ago Edited 2 years ago
As of now I've met multiple people in my life who hold no respect for their parents.
Yes your mum and dad can annoy you and be seen as something you grow to despise but out of all honesty unless their strict and limit what you can do don't treat them like dog shit on your shoe. With this I've known people to want to beat up and or kill their parents over something as simple as taking away their phone. Now days kids are over dramatic and awfully blind to what reality is. Your parents buy you everything. Everything. Your bed, your clothes, your food and your water. Well that is if you're 1 to about 19 unless you need the extra support. Never the less they also made you.

So don't be dicks and treat them like pushovers. Love and cherish them you'll miss them when their gone.
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Sorbid 2 years, 3 months ago
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StardustDream 2 years, 3 months ago
1st howl <33333 Hai :3