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″Reality Hurts Me Because I'm Sensitive.″

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Hi there, my name is Hayden. I really don't like anyone, it's mostly because i'm tired of being screwed over. I was born female but I alternate between Male and Female gender, if you don't like it I could really care less. No one is forcing you to like me.

OK, let me explain, I agree with people who say there are only 2 genders, Biologically there are, but emotionally there are hundreds, I identify as a female and a male, because some days I feel more manly then others, I was born a female but I've thought of becoming a male many times. If this offends you please do not be my friend, thank you!
D A W N: We've gotten close super fast, you listen to me bitch, I listen to you bitch and I know I can go to you and not get judged, I hope you think that with me.

Serenity: You're with Dawnie and that's amazing! You're super nice to her and no matter what anyone says you don't abuse her, that's just stupid tbh. Anyway hope we can be better friends! You coded this awesome information thing for me.

All of my friends make my life better and make me feel whole, please don't try to get on this list of people, you have to earn it, and these are the guys I hang out with each and every time they're on!
I have two Dalmatian OC's, one is a service dog named Nathan, then I also have another who at this time is unnamed.

I absolutely love Dalmatians, I've always wanted one because of 101 dalmatians, I know they have more health issues then most purebred breeds, and I feel like that's mostly because of idiotic puppy mills.
I've always loved foxes when I was little, it's mostly the colors they come in, Marbled to the Red fox to cute bat eared foxes, all foxes are cute to me, I will always love foxes, I do not like skinned foxes or stuffed foxes however, I don't mind if someone does skin or stuff foxes. It's just not for me and horrifies me.


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GaLazy 1 year, 6 months ago
Well Dawn has said she's going to be less active on here, and cool beans, I was only on here for Dawn, Serenity and Damon anyway, I was brought on Wolfing by someone who used to be my best friend, now she and Wolfing have lost the magic. So I suppose There's nothing else for me here.
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GaLazy 1 year, 6 months ago
If D a w n leaves I leave.
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D a w n 1 year, 6 months ago
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GaLazy 1 year, 6 months ago
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GaLazy 1 year, 6 months ago
Life's always been rough for me, I never wanted to be like other girls and go play with barbies, I think that's why now i'm sorta fascinated with them for about 5 minutes. I'd play with them if my friends had them, but I was always a weird child. and i'm still weird even now that i'm older. I'm a genderfluid bitch, and that's just fine with me.