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10 February 2014 09:01 PM Posted by: WolfKodi

Huge List of ImprovementsViews: 692

resizable room chatbox with one-click expand and shrink further improved reconnection handling for users with poor internet connection sniffing your own profile will not increase profile view count no pinning users who are in AFK pose no pin escaping /me chat command added master volume slider for rooms improved chat and disconnection engine to reduce user disconnections updated About Me profile layout and added more tags About Me and Inbox Compose edit box expandable via bottom bar handle reduced auto linking sensitivity links and images that appear in speech bubbles now clickable direct image links have their images directly displayed in speech bubbles chat box time-stamps remain accurate removed position-change blocking click on your own name tag to self-sniff clickable user name tags you may use both left or right clicks to access your character's option menu tap and drag support on touch screen mobile devices

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