Wolfing Changelog
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12 November 2018
Instant unblock for those in rooms. No refresh required. Fixed an issue for instant blocks performed outside of room. [2 trouts]

9 November 2018
Rule addition/clarification to WR2 and PR6.

2 November 2018
Stash made accessible for users with banned accounts. [2 elks]
In-room sniff profiles expanded to match the width on standalone pages. You may stop linking to your full sniffs.[2 deers]

19 October 2018
Users can now be blocked using the block list if they closed their account. [2 trouts]

17 October 2018
Site announcement is now dismissible. [3 deers]

29 September 2018
Clarification on Wolfing Rule 2, 3, and Acceptable Behaviour. Changes to Pose Rule 1, and 2. Clarification on Pose Rule 5.

14 August 2018
Privacy update [3 deers]
	Selected private Stash links containing rolling numbers cannot accessed by conclusion.
	Links to private Stash images become invalid after being deleted from Stash.
	Links to Howl images become invalid after deleting the corresponding Howl and from Stash.

30 July 2018
Edited WR2.

18 July 2018
Fixed utf8mb4 characters not showing up correctly on sniff profiles. [2 deers]
Fixed an issue where a greyscale PNG is regarded as non-transparent. [1 fox]

7 July 2018
Unposted howl confirmation before closing out or reloading window. [1 salmon]

5 July 2018
Additional add pose button at the top of edit poses table. [1 fox]

19 June 2018
Selected database columns upgraded for utf8mb4 support. [3 deers]

14 June 2018
Pride Month event - Stand Up and Embrace Poses

12 June 2018
Fixed an issue where usernames affected character sizing. [2 deers]

29 April 2018
Room count now reflects WLs to emphasise that it does not affect limit. [2 deers]

24 April 2018
WLs no longer count towards room limit. [1 deer]

22 April 2018
Random list limited to users last online within half a year. [1 rabbit]
Added 4th year badge. [1 deer]

21 April 2018
Added Demigirl/boy to sniff custom gender list. [1 rabbit]

13 April 2018
Custom Pose Edit Page Fixes and Update [1 mammoth]
	Fixed missing custom poses issue!
	Fixed an issue that removes all poses when you rapidly click on the remove pose button.
	Fixed missing add pose button when you remove poses from the maximum 30 you have.
	Fixed statements that stretches the custom pose table out of proportion in width.
	Moved add pose button to the bottom of the pose table to ease multiple additions.

1 April 2018
Introduced highly realistic room backgrounds to Movie Theatre, Sunny Glades, Lounge Room, Huddle House, Shallow Creek, and Northern Lights.

7 March 2018
Prevent double characters on client-side. [1 salmon]

9 February 2018
Implimented the ability for specific custom pose sizes to be locked by moderators for those who abuse sizing. [1 elk]

15 January 2018
Kicked and banned users are given the opportunity to review and save logs from rooms. [1 deer]
Sentinels are able to issue 1 hour account bans. [1 deer]

29 November 2017
Fixed incorrect Howl direct link when posting on another user's profile. [2 salmons]
Fixed the missing message highlight on case report pages while using the light theme. [1 rabbit]
Messages from blocked users no longer shows up in logs included on a case report page. [2 salmons]
Blocked users cannot send or receive friend requests. [2 rabbits]

14 November 2017
Fixed a horizontal positioning issue associated with pins near boundaries. [1 fox]

5 November 2017
Addressed an issue causing compressed images to be partially saved by disabling off-site offloading. [1 deer]

28 October 2017
Added option to mute room entry and exit sound notifications. [1 rabbit]
Fixed a bug that prevented room capacity to be unlimited for the event. [1 fox]

24 October 2017
Halloween Missing Room Pieces Event

1.10.68 - 23 October 2017
Fixed an issue caused by removed howls in view all replies on feedback and news pages. [2 foxes]
More Nightmode fixes - friends list processing text, switching room page. [2 foxes]

1.10.67 - 7 October 2017
Nightmode updates - added to the old custom poses list, dimmed the colors for some room count and rank names. [2 foxes]

1.10.66 - 5 October 2017
Php7 and mariadb 5.5 server backend upgrades. [2 deers]

1.10.65 - 22 August 2017
Fixed an issue with replying to a guest reply in feedback. [1 fox]

1.10.64 - 1 August 2017
Added Night Mode, a dark theme for Wolfing. [2 elks]

1.10.63 - 22 July 2017
Expanded the area where you can place your avatar in HDTV Room.

1.10.62 - 12 July 2017
Changed the light blue rank colour of Sentinel to cyan to differentiate it better from Delta.

1.10.61 - 1 July 2017
Banned users return with their respective ranks instead of the Omega rank which no longer denotes recently banned users. [3 deers]
A new Wolfing Leader rank called Sentinel has been added. [1 elk]

1.10.60 - 20 June 2017
Alphabetically order online users in rooms and room names. Enclosed room names within square brackets. [3 foxes]

1.10.59 - 23 May 2017
Prevent accidental multiple PM submits. [1 fox]

1.10.58 - 1 May 2017
New room added - Sunny Glades. Thanks for the background, MoonMoon!
Refactored the delivery of style sheet and js files. [2 foxes]

1.10.57 - 25 April 2017
Fixed an issue with state name checks. [2 rabbits]

1.10.56 - 20 April 2017
Added unsaved changes prompt for profile description editing. [2 salmons]

1.10.55 - 19 April 2017
Fixed issues associated with in-room popup sniff profiles. [3 foxes]

1.10.54 - 18 April 2017
Improved pose handling for missing custom poses. [1 fox]

17 April 2017
Easter egg hunt event began.

1.10.53 - 14 April 2017
Email system was down for the past few days. It has been fixed and restored. [1 fox]

1.10.52 - 12 April 2017
Fixed an issue where Howls fail to post when viewing selected Howls. [1 fox]

1.10.51 - 8 April 2017
Fixed an issue that prevented additional Howls from loading correctly. Cleaned up further aspects of Howls. [3 deers]
Slightly darken the colour for Pup.

1.10.50 - 31 March 2017
Room limit reduced from 25 to 20.

1.10.49 - 17 March 2017
Howl reply notification added for News and Feedback sections. [3 foxes]
Room limit increased from 16 to 25.

1.10.48 - 14 March 2017
Fixed instances where duplicated read more option would appear for long Howls. [1 fox]
Fixed the pin option that should not show up for the left AFK pose. [1 rabbit]
Howl edit refactoring completed. Edit history may be viewed again without the "undefined" issue. [2 deers]
Altered room segregation in the recent list for legibility. [1 fox]

1.10.47 - 10 March 2017
Added a disable video option for video rooms. Do abuse it to keep your YouTube history clean. [1 fox]
Internally updated Howl edits to fix associated issues. Edit history will not show up for newer Howls until this update is complete. [2 deers]

1.10.46 - 6 March 2017
Added 3 years badge. [1 rabbit]

1.10.45 - 28 February 2017
Added WL status on profiles and have it linked to the WL page. [3 deers]
Renamed "Active WL" badge to "Current WL" to avoid confusion with the Active WL status.

1.10.44 - 25 February 2017
Prevent the sending of multiple PMs when the sent confirmation page gets reloaded. [1 rabbit]

1.10.43 - 13 February 2017
Grouped recently online list by rooms. [2 foxes]
Shortened the bots online list and automatically retrieve bot names. [1 fox]

1.10.42 - 8 February 2017
Fixed an issue with improper ULR encoding for the path links of uploaded images other than poses. [3 rabbits]

1.10.41 - 4 February 2017
Auto redirection to HTTPS. [1 deer]

1.10.40 - 3 February 2017
No more annoying broken images when an insecure image is given while you're on HTTPS. [1 deer]

1.10.39 - 1 February 2017
Increased server request rate limit to prevent getting falsely rate limited. [1 rabbit]

1.10.38 - 31 January 2017
Updated badges on profiles and added new badges: Pup Graduate, Yearling, Double Yearling, Active and Former WL. (badges desiged by Kat) [1 elk]

1.10.37 - 28 January 2017
Leaving or reloading room page confirmations added for desktops. [1 fox]
Establishing websocket connection indicates failure instead of disconnected message. [1 fox]
Prevent duplicate characters in rooms on the server side. [1 fox]
Server entities updated to latest available versions.

1.10.36 - 15 January 2017
Fixed missing default pose when a user updates their default wolf while in a room. Default pose changes now occur live. [2 foxes]

1.10.35 - 13 January 2017
Fixed issues related to directly pasting a clipboard image into the message input boxes. [1 deer]
Hopefully this prevents the dramatic "great wall of text" message in room chats.

1.10.34 - 12 January 2017
Corrected pose orientation when performing a pin interaction. [2 fox]
Re-enabled auto orientation for uploaded mobile photographs to be orientated correctly. [1 fox]

1.10.33 - 10 January 2017
The "Read More" option is now being automatically removed with the full Howl displayed when you choose to edit long Howls. [1 fox]

1.10.32 - 5 January 2017
Fixed missing dispaws for news and feedback howl replies loaded using the view all option. [2 rabbits]

3 January 2017
Minor update and clarification for Wolfing Rule 2 and 9, as well as Pose Rule 2, 5, 6 and 7.

1.10.31 - 31 December 2016
Fixed an issue with adding attachments to reports. [2 rabbits]

1.10.30 - 26 December 2016
Fixed an issue where a string of continuous characters do not wrap to the next line in saved and reported message logs. [1 fox]

1.10.29 - 22 December 2016
Report System added. [5 Moose]
New Wolfing Rule 12 added to govern reporting.

1.10.28 - 12 December 2016
Fixed an issue with extra space added at the beginning of profile descriptions (reported by xBaltoWolf). [1 fox] 

3 December 2016
Sever storage upgraded.

30 November 2016
The frequent outages over the past weekend was due to server storage running low.
The server should now be in a stable state, but do expect a scheduled downtime in the future for server storage upgrade. Any inconvenience caused is regretted.

16 November 2016
Minor amendment to Pose Rule 6 to clarify that a single pose may contain only a single animal to avoid confusion with the actual character.

27 October 2016
Halloween Special
	- Halloween candy hunt.
	- New Halloween event room.
	- Wolfing mascot as a witch thanks to Lintegrisse.
	- Halloween poses thanks to Epsilon and Garo.

1.10.27 - 20 September 2016
Updated javascript audio plugin and server firmware.

1.10.26 - 19 September 2016
Updated background for room Vocal Valley. Thanks MoonMoon!
Added forum link to top menu.

1.10.25 - 13 September 2016
Fixed room boundary issue that allowed users to drag their characters along the right edge of the room. [3 foxes]
Added a foreground room feature for Misty Forest. [1 fox]

1.10.24 - 10 September 2016
Added new rooms Emerald Hills and Misty Forest and updated the background for room Nothern Lights. Thanks Svydre and Lintegrisse!

1.10.23 - 30 August 2016
Added user menu notification for when their custom poses have been rejected, or when their avatar or profile description have been removed. [1 fox]

1.10.22 - 29 August 2016
Removed dis-paws from profile howls.

1.10.21 - 14 August 2016
Fixed an issue where newer version of Firefox-based browsers could not connect with websockets due to a decapitalised origin header. [2 foxes]

1.10.20 - 1 August 2016
Using a new tooltips plugin to improve browser performance and fix issues. [2 deers]

1.10.19 - 28 July 2016
Upgraded code for context menu. [2 foxes]
Added black outlines for name tags against room backgrounds to make them more legible. [1 fox]

1.10.18 - 27 July 2016
Added a 10 minutes idle time for users holding a remote in a TV room before it automatically returns to the wall. [2 deers]

1.10.17 - 26 July 2016
Upgraded BBCode escaping of html code and broken image handling. [2 deers]
Ban messages and reasons are no longer displayed to the public in rooms. They are obscured by standard left messages. [1 deer]

1.10.16 - 22 July 2016
Improved error handling to avoid issues when editing custom pose. [1 deer]

1.10.15 - 20 July 2016
Added insecure image notice and displays the original link if it is broken for images embeded on sniff profiles.[2 deers]

15 July 2016
Update to Wolfing Rule 3 and Pose Rule 5 and 6. Added new Pose Rule 10.

1.10.14 - 14 July 2016
Fixed an issue where the left custom pose version does not update or get removed. [2 deers]

1.10.13 - 1 July 2016
Invalidate all "remember me" logins when a user changes their password. [1 rabbit]

1.10.12 - 29 June 2016
Fixed an issue where uploaded image names with special characters had issues with image size conversion. [1 deer]

1.10.11 - 25 June 2016
Added a page about Wolfing Leaders.
Fixed an intermittent issue where the default poses fail to update on fur colour changes. [2 foxes]

1.10.10 - 17 June 2016
Fixed an issue with pose permission statements where "\n" would take the places of new lines. [2 foxes]

1.10.9 - 11 June 2016
Fixed whisper command to allow multi-line messages. [1 fox]

1.10.8 - 10 June 2016
Fixed an issue with incorrect images attached to Howls when their filenames differ only by casing. [2 foxes]

21 May 2016
Announcement: The way pose orientation is determined has changed. A guide and reference is included. The green line system has been removed. Please see news #39.

16 May 2016
Announcement: The primary email server had issues delivering mails since 9 May and has been rectified.
Those waiting to receive verification emails may have them resent by logging onto their accounts.

1.10.7 - 14 May 2016
Fixed an issue with selected custom poses having a black background instead of being transparent. [1 deer]

1.10.6 - 10 May 2016
HTTPS no longer requires custom root certificate installation as we're now using Let's Encrypt. Server's certificate is now publicly recognised by all major browsers! [2 deers]

1.10.5 - 27 April 2016
Added clarification on anthro poses to custom pose rules - "An anthro pose must resemeble an animal more than a human."
Fixed animated gif with broken animation when cropped for profile pictures. Added imagecraft for cropping images. [1 deer]

1.10.4 - 26 April 2016
Users with suspended custom pose privilege are now able to view their poses for reject reasons but they will not be able to make any changes. [2 foxes]

1.10.3 - 25 April 2016
Upgraded server OS to revision 29510. [1 fox]

1.10.2 - 18 April 2016
Fixed an issue where the main email server wasn't delivering mails since 31 March. [2 foxes]

1.10.1 - 11 April 2016
Added option to copy direct link to howls on feedback and news. [1 deer]

1.10 - 6 April 2016
Migrated to new server hardware. [3 mooses]

28 March 2016
Announcement: The server is going through a hardware upgrade. Do expect some downtime in the next few days.

22 March 2016
Temporarily disabled dispaws. Opinions/ideas are welcome in the feedback.

1.9.105 - 14 March 2016
Fixed an issue where message logs were not recording the list of users in the room. [2 rabbits]

1.9.104 - 13 February 2016
Fixed an issue where special characters in custom pose names interfered with proper room loading. [2 foxes]

1.9.103 - 30 December 2015
Improvements to the efficiency of the underlying websocket and rendering engine. [4 deers]

1.9.102 - 26 December 2015
Added a vertical green line in the middle of custom poses when you hover over them as a pose direction guide for editing custom pose. [1 fox]

1.9.101 - 24 December 2015
Reduced image resolution minimum requirement from 100px to 50px for stash/howl image uploads. [1 rabbit]

1.9.100 - 18 December 2015
Fixed mute howls. [1 rabbit]
Fixed an issue where Outcast rank does not revert back. [2 rabbits]

1.9.99 - 16 December 2015
Large update on the rendering and position of speech bubbles to make them easier to read. [1 elk]

1.9.98 - 14 December 2015
Prevent broken multi-line nametags and long thin speech bubbles from occuring on smaller characters. [1 deer]

1.9.97 - 7 December 2015
Added support for copied howl links with spaces in names. [1 rabbit]

1.9.96 - 13 November 2015
Updated custom pose species selection. Typable autocomplete and added more species. [1 deer]

11 November 2015
Custom pose rule updated to reflect changes on the new system.

1.9.95 - 9 November 2015
Major update to Custom Pose System. [2 elks]

1.9.94 - 1 November 2015
Fixed an issue with moving characters on mobile devices with the screen zoomed. [1 fox]

31 October 2015
Halloween candy basket event.

1.9.93 - 22 October 2015
Fixed left AFK pose that allowed pins to proceed. [1 rabbit]

1.9.92 - 10 October 2015
Update for custom pose sizing for images with extreme wideness. [1 fox]

1.9.91 - 7 October 2015
Message log now supports multi-line messages. [1 bird]

1.9.90 - 6 October 2015
Fixed an issue where the left AFK default pose version does not update. [1 salmon]

1.9.89 - 24 September 2015
Fixed an issue where all custom poses couldn't be removed entirely. [1 fox]

19 September 2015
Added new default poses Sleep and Curl Up.

1.9.88 - 15 September 2015
Support for left version default poses introduced with the AFK pose. [3 deers]

1.9.87 - 13 September 2015
Default poses are now generated on demand. [1 deer]
Added a darkness cutoff to prevent default poses from appearing like shadows. [1 bird]

1.9.86 - 12 September 2015
Edit poses now has a page of its own with a custom pose reorder feature and some improvements. [1 elk]

1.9.85 - 7 September 2015
Added option to logout from the account verification code request page. [2 foxes]

1.9.84 - 5 September 2015
Added confimation before removal of friend in friendlist. [1 fox]

1.9.83 - 4 September 2015
Added dispaw rate limit. [2 foxes]

1.9.82 - 31 August 2015
Fixed an issue where pose display order for the same location differs for different users. [1 fox]
Improved existing incorrect login rate limit and implimented account registration and guest interaction rate limits. [2 deers]

1.9.81 - 30 August 2015
Implimented a disposable email filter. [2 foxes]
Improved IPv6 address abbreviation handling. [1 fox]

1.9.80 - 27 August 2015
Fixed copy to clipboard issue for obtaining links on the guide page. [2 deers]
Improved accuracy and custom pose size comparison options between edit and actual. [2 deers]

1.9.79 - 23 August 2015
Changed the layout of Stash. Added means to upload on the Stash page. [3 deers]

1.9.78 - 20 August 2015
Addressed a recent (few weeks) issue where a rare select of users are unable to connect to a room. [1 fox]

1.9.77 - 18 August 2015
Whisper messages migrated over to use websockets. Whisper messages are now in sync across multiple connected devices. [3 deers]

1.9.76 - 16 August 2015
Updated howler.js to version 2.0. [1 rabbit]
Switched HTML5 audio support pair formats from ogg and m4a to ogg and mp3 to enable support for audio on iOS (reported by Furrest). [1 salmon]
Fixed an issue where large size image links share on chats would result in a broken link. [1 rabbit]
Fixed an issue with an extra empty line after sending messages in the message entry box introduced by the debugging process of update 1.9.72. [3 foxes]

1.9.75 - 13 August 2015
Direct link to Howls now copy to clipboard. [1 deer]
Removed copy to clipboard dependency on Flash and switch over to HTML5. [2 deers]

1.9.74 - 12 August 2015
Fixed spoiler tags not expanding when sniffed from within a room (reported by DarkClaw). [1 salmon]

1.9.73 - 9 August 2015
Restored functionality to secondary verification mail delivery server that was down since 11 July 2014. [1 rabbit]

1.9.72 - 7 August 2015
Added a workaround for an autocorrect issue with using Swiftkey Keyboard mobile app for room chats (reported by Torsy). [1 deer]

5 August 2015
Update to background art for room Shallow Creek.

1.9.71 - 4 August 2015
Added room Savannah Plains.

1.9.70 - 27 July 2015
Added option for users to set their time zone under Account Settings as Sniffs now displays dates based on that setting. [1 deer]
Expanded direct link option for Howl replies. [1 deer]
Included the disabling of Howl apaws into the block feature. [2 fox]
Fixed an issue where Emoji characters would break Howls. [2 foxes]

1.9.69 - 26 July 2015
The text of Howls with attached images can now be edited. [2 foxes]
Work around to fix and disable auto orientation of mobile photographs uploaded to the site as being processed by external offloading site. [2 deers]
Fixed an issue where new php requires openssl certificate verification for https connections that causes images to fail offloaded external processing. [1 fox]

1.9.68 - 25 July 2015
Worked around and fixed an issue present on Chrome where room commands no longer works when text is pasted. [1 fox]

1.9.67 - 20 July 2015
Fixed an issue with the video progress bar going out of bounds at times. [1 rabbit]

1.9.66 - 19 July 2015
Added expandable content or spoiler tags for profile's about section (suggested by DarkClaw). See profile help for more details. [1 deer]

1.9.65 - 18 July 2015
Added option to selectively disable new message sound alerts for public room messages under sound settings (suggested by Torsy). [1 deer]

1.9.64 - 8 July 2015
Shortened relative time indicators by replacing "and" with a comma. [1 rabbit]

1.9.63 - 2 July 2015
Separated content out from profile page and setup post redirect to prevent form resubmissions. [2 deer]

1.9.62 - 26 June 2015
Upgraded account registration page - Post-Redirect-Get (PRG) for successful submits. [5 deers]
Fixed an issue with profile details not showing up correctly for users who are not logged in. [1 rabbit]

1.9.61 - 20 June 2015
Scene character hot data segregated and transferred out from main table to a table that resides in RAM. Ought to fix stuck pins and type status. [5 deers]

1.9.60 - 15 June 2015
Wolfing main database table converted to InnoDB. [1 bird]
PHP upgraded with Zend OPcache. MySQL compiled with query cache and InnoDB. [3 deers] 

1.9.59 - 8 June 2015
YouTube API updated from v2 to v3 as depreciation of v2 back in March affected video and channel titles. [2 deer]
Removed text formating in edit howl history to prevent it from breaking it. [1 fox]
Fixed an issue with loading more comments that had edit history. [1 fox]

1.9.58 - 28 May 2015
Fixed an issue with double quotes not being escaped correctly which broke howl edit history. [1 fox]

1.9.57 - 20 May 2015
Added additional duration information for relative time indicators. [1 fox]

1.9.56 - 19 May 2015
Fixed an issue with whisper input box and typing status for Firefox. [1 deer]
Fixed an issue where the auto clearing of pasted text formating was not working in some howl input boxes. [1 salmon]

1.9.55 - 16 May 2015
Further conformed to the rfc6455 (v13) websocket standard by enforcing connection standards and rejecting older versions known to be vulnerable. [1 deer]
Fixed an issue where messages sent in concatenated multiple frames would cut out data secondary frames! [1 caribou]
Notice: "Eaten messages" issue identified and a fix is currently on the way. Wolfing thanks you for all the messages you have "fed" it with.

1.9.54 - 15 May 2015
Implemented broken image link placeholder images for profile's about section. [1 bird]
Https support for the display of images in rooms and on profile's about section. [1 fox]
Improved room direct images display and links handling to focus on each particular link per message for messages that contains multiple links. [1 fox]

1.9.53 - 14 May 2015
PM messages now feature clickable links and automatically embedded YouTube players. [2 salmons]
Secure connection information write-up and linked on the server's root page [4 deers]
Research and testing on ssl certificates for secure connection [2 elks]

1.9.52 - 13 May 2015
Fixed in-room file uploading issue that was introduced when the cancle upload button was recently added. [1 fox]

1.9.51 - 9 May 2015
Clarified description of Pack Howls from "your friends" to "those in your friends list", indicating that you can only see howls from accepted friends in your Pack Howls.
Fixed an issue where connections get rate-limited easily on https. Also adjusted front-end limiting configs to reduce false positives on being rate-limited. [1 fox]
Heightened security on https in response to Google's campaign for slowly depreciating SHA1 encryption. [2 rabbits]

1.9.50 - 8 May 2015
Updated typing status to expand keyset and include support for certain mobile keyboard. [2 salmons]

1.9.49 - 7 May 2015
Improved in-room popup sniff profile loading and handling. [1 elk]

1.9.48 - 5 May 2015
lighttpd update from 1.4.35-2 to -4, haproxy update from 1.5.2-06 to 1.5.11-10 [2 foxes]

1.9.47 - 4 May 2015
Invalidate howls that appear on the wrong profile from incorrect direct howl links. [1 rabbit]
Fixed direct howl links on profiles where they pointed to the profile of the user who wrote that howl. [1 rabbit]
Added browser developer tools console warning message in rooms. [1 fox]
Updated code portions to be in accordance with the deprecation of synchronous XMLHttpRequest, improving UI response by increasing event-driven modules. [3 deers]

1.9.46 - 1 May 2015
Attempt to fix occational messages being eaten on the client-side. [2 rabbits]
Fixed how the room message box drag bar interfered with the volume slider. [1 rabbit]

1.9.45 - 29 April 2015
Updated room message log file saver for improvements and fixes. [2 rabbits]

1.9.44 - 27 April 2015
Fixed an issue where multiple copies of copied text may appear on certain contiditions upon pasting. Also defined proper paste zones for all upload-aware boxes. [5 foxes]

1.9.43 - 22 April 2015
Improved sniff popup profile handling and larger close button for devices with smaller screens. [2 foxes]

1.9.42 - 21 April 2015
Broken images indicator for images that fail to load when shared in rooms. [2 foxes]
Shared stash image links now point to the original size when shared in the room's message box. [2 rabbit]
Fixed an issue on mobile where the keyboard would show and input focus into view upon accessing a character's menu while the cursor is left in the input box. [1 rabbit]

1.9.41 - 20 April 2015
Fixed flip pose blurring for chrome users. [1 rabbit]
Separated room script as external resource for fallback connection. [4 foxes]
Further security improvements to log validator. [2 deers]

1.9.40 - 18 April 2015
Created a message log validator. [1 elk]

16 April 2015
Clarified Custom Pose rule 2.

12 April 2015
Clarified Wolfing rule 5 for clarification and added Wolfing rule 7.

1.9.39 - 10 April 2015
Fixed pose uploads to allow support for PNG that uses indexed colours. [1 fox]
Fixed an issue where whisper tabs in Firefox would get misplaced when the input box is resized. [1 deer]

1.9.38 - 8 April 2015
Fixed an issue where howls do not automatically get added after posting when there are no existing howls. [2 rabbits]

1.9.37 - 2 April 2015
Fixed an issue to escape special html characters in the subject field for inbox, sent and trash list. [2 foxes]

1.9.36 - 1 April 2015
Wolfing's April Fool Joke (Announced after April Fool): A character menu option that says "Get Fluffy" which actually turns them into puffed up sheeps. [3 foxes]
What do wolves like doing apart from howling? Getting fluffy! That's why we added a get fluffy option just for your character. Experience the joys of fluffiness in a room today!

1.9.35 - 29 March 2015
Merged scripts for howls on homepage, profiles, feedback and news. [effort: 5 deers]
Separated howls and room script as external resources that are cache-friendly to further improve page loading. [effort: 1 rabbit]

1.9.34 - 22 March 2015
Public guest comments are now subjected to approval.
Private guest comments in the feedback section can now be view by the author on the same browser.

1.9.33 - 20 March 2015
Full bidirectional websocket connection started with public messages. You should experience a reduction in public message sending latency.
Compressed javascript for rooms. With about 30% reduction in size, rooms should load faster.

17 March 2015
Pack Terms section Acceptable Behaviour updated.

1.9.32 - 16 March 2015
Additional updates for touchscreen mobile devices - resizable message box (you can close it completely), larger messages, whisper tabs, send, and howl buttons.

1.9.31 - 15 March 2015
Added new layout for rooms on mobile devices.

1.9.30 - 10 March 2015
Fixed as issue where the autoscroll animation would buildup a huge queue when a large set of messages are introduced into the message at once.
Decided that heartbeat signal for websockets are unnecessary and confirmed that mobile background connection stays alive for most cases.

1.9.29 - 9 March 2015
Fixed "connected on another device" showing up as page refresh after the implimentation of websockets.
Fixed an issue where YouTube videos continued to play with sound after the in-room popup profile has been closed (reported by ForeverLostHeroes).

1.9.28 - 7 March 2015
Fixed an issue where new message alerts wouldn't fire if the browser window is still visible in the background (reported by Torsy) since an
update to the detect-window-visibility script a few days ago.

5 March 2015
Sorting out as issue with websocket connection getting disconnected when mobile browsers go into background.
Heartbeat signal for websocket removed to prevent mobile users from disconnecting while in background.
There is a small posibility where users may not disconnect during this period.

1.9.27 - 5 March 2015
Auto change to default sit pose when a custom pose is removed while the user is using custom poses in a room.
Subtly altered the style colour of "/me" text to reduce confusion between the text of other user actions.

1.9.26 - 1 March 2015
Stash updated to show complete stashes using infinate scrolling, delete option, and
wider images in stash automatically take up a wider space.

1.9.25 - 27 February 2015
Fixed an issue where the Friend and Notification list was not working on news pages (reported by Armin).

1.9.24 - 24 February 2015
Linked a visual guide made by Faithdougwolve a while back, on the custom pose rules and guidelines section.
Confirmation added prior to blocks and kicks to avoid unintentional selection while operating character menus within rooms.
Fixed an issue with auto removal of pins when leaving a room that was introduced when the character control engine got redesigned.

1.9.23 - 23 February 2015
Fixed an issue where character z-index positioning becomes inaccurate after removal of pin interaction (discovered by DarkClaw).
Corrected server's local time listed within downloaded message log.
Server-side checks for valid user interaction in the same room (reported by Faithdougwolve) and user howl action.
Fixed an issue where usernames with the words "howl" or "coverears" weren't able to automatically change their poses.
Character control engine internally redesigned.

1.9.22 - 22 February 2015
Removed "regenerate default pose" option from edit profile to avoid confusion.

19 February 2015
Announcement: Chrome users experiencing "Aw Snap" crash pages when leaving rooms is a Chrome bug that occured on February 5th when
Chrome got updated to version 40.0.2214.111. We hope that Chrome updates and fixes this bug soon because it has been going on for a while.
See crbug.com/456365 for more info. Chrome updated to a version ending with 115 on 22 February and this issue is henceforth fixed.
There are reports where the 64-bit version of Chrome still experiences this issue.

1.9.21 - 18 February 2015
Slight modification to custom pose rule 1 to clarify the use of poses intended for other sites.
Implimented auto replacing remote back to wall when a user leaves a room while having the remote associated with websockets.

1.9.21 - 17 February 2015
"me" command added for whisper messages.
Commands "clear" and "help" can now be perform while in any whisper tab.
Room whisper messages sent during a connection disruption will automatically be resent once connection is restored.
Removed whisper tab new count alerts for messages originating from the user themself.
Replaced checkboxes with appealing toggle buttons for options within rooms.

1.9.20 - 15 February 2015
Added "Your Profile" to the site option menu.
Removed profile header section from the Edit Profile page.
Increased custom pose slider length and added the option to manually input size values along with an option to reset to the default size of 0.8.
Custom pose resizing algorithm upgraded for improved accuracy and image ratio range accomodation.

1.9.19 - 12 February 2015
Further websocket implentation related to online status.

1.9.18 - 29 January 2015
Made option "Direct link to this Howl" available right after posting a profile parent Howl.
Fixed a lack-of-implimentation issue with kick/bans involving websockets.

1.9.17 - 22 January 2015
Added a "Direct link to this Howl" option for profile parent Howls.
Fixed broken pins (which causes characters to be stucked in rooms) that was introduced during upgrade 1.9.1.

1.9.16 - 21 January 2015
Fixed movable characters when they refresh the page while in a pin interaction.
Fixed room reconnection issues associated with websockets.

1.9.15 - 15 January 2015
Haproxy used as a frontend reverse proxy.
Left behind long-polling technology and started implimentation of websocket for room connections.

1.9.14 - 14 January 2015
Made room Winter Holidays out of season.
Fixed some notification issue involving the special "me" user caused by security fixes.

1.9.13 - 13 January 2015
Addressed security concerns involving javascript client-side injection and potential server-side code injection.

12 January 2015
Announcement: Fixed the temporary "Rico" issue.

1.9.12 - 8 January 2015
Room messages sent during a connection disruption will automatically be resent once connection is restored.

1.9.11 - 8 January 2015
Set proper invalid birthdate message on profile update.
Fixed an issue with auto-removal-of-pin-interaction when certain conditions are met which caused users that were in a pin interaction to be stuck in rooms.

1.9.10 - 7 January 2015
Readdressed handling of newline and tab characters posted in rooms and Howls.

1.9.9 - 6 January 2015
Readdressed issues with reconnection handling in rooms. From now on, users can only reconnect if they do so within 5 minutes.
They will recieve messages that they have missed, if any.

1.9.8 - 5 January 2015
Hid the About Me section of profiles when users read selected howls linked from their notifications
to avoid the unnecessary loading of images-packed profiles that would interfere with Howl-autoscroll-and-highlight.
Added an Accounts Menu on the header bar to group account options and to save header space following the increase in menu options.
Began implimenting a feature known as Stash as a means for users to manage and access their uploads. Added basic Stash page and the room "/stash" command.

1.9.7 - 4 January 2015
Fixed an issue with the new Howl notifications. Howl activity for the past day will be lost and shows up only as a notification count.
Please use "Clear All" to clear them.

1.9.6 - 28 December 2014
New snow engine in Winter Holidays to fix browser cpu usage issues.

1.9.5 - 27 December 2014
Set max height for speech bubbles with auto scrollbar for the same reason below.
Set max height for images in speech bubbles to prevent them from skyrocketing through the room tops.
Added image upload and sharing feature for rooms.

1.9.4 - 26 December 2014
Updated the room message input to an expandable textbox that starts out with 2 lines.
Added clipboard image paste support for Firefox in Howl comment boxes.

1.9.3 - 25 December 2014
Crop and resize of profile picture now retains gif animation. You can now upload any gif images above 200px by 200px and still retain profile picture animation.
Room message log download now also supported on Internet Explorer, Firefox and most other web browsers.

1.9.2 - 21 December 2014
Added Wolfing rule 6 and added to existing custom pose rule 1, 5 and 8.
Fixed reconnection in rooms.

1.9.1 - 20 December 2014
Server-side room scene engine upgraded. Ought to fix invisible/unremoved room characters, and allow more users in one room.

1.9 - 15 December 2014
Implemented user block system for Wolfing.

1.8.33 - 12 December 2014
Fixed "/me" command that was partially broken due to previous update.
Updated background for room Howling Peaks.

1.8.32 - 11 December 2014
Updated background for room HDTV Room.
Whisper commands without a message would bring up the whisper tab instead of sending it to public.

1.8.31 - 30 November 2014
Fixed an issue where an "invalid data" respond would be given when a user tries to accept a friend invite from a profile after having first ignored it on the friends list.
Expanded on Wolfing Rule 2 to cover more on sexual and gore content. Added Wolfing Rule 4 and 5.

1.8.32 - 28 November 2014
Disable font autosizing in Chrome on Android.

1.8.31 - 23 November 2014
Addressed an issue where "connected on another device" room status was not showing.
Fixed issues for users with spaces in their username for the new client scene engine.

1.8.30 - 23 November 2014
New client-side scene engine.
	-smarter scene updates where it only changes what is necessary instead of the whole scene with all the characters.
	-made some rendering even more efficient to hopefully address the background deformation glitch experienced by some Chrome users.
	-ability to support more features in the future.
Fixed Howl replies not re-attempting to post correctly after initially failing to post.
Fixed an issue where whisper error messages would not be displayed and the user would be sent to a new tab instead.

1.8.29 - 16 November 2014
Fixed an issue where calculated resize values containing decimals causes images to fail offloaded external processing.

1.8.28 - 13 November 2014
Updated background for room Shallow Creek.

1.8.27 - 6 November 2014
Fixed an issue where youtube links without URL parameter shared in Howls would not get displayed upon posting or editing.

1.8.26 - 5 November 2014
Amended Wolfing rule 2 on profanity and explicit content.

1.8.25 - 2 November 2014
Fixed an issue where users would be stuck outside when they refresh their page in a full room.

1.8.24 - 30 October 2014
Fixed an issue where setting updates could not be made if the state name contains utf-8 characters.

1.8.23 - 28 October 2014
Fixed an issue where comments couldn't be posted on news pages.
YouTube embed support for Howls.

1.8.22 - 27 October 2014
Upload file types validated at byte level.

1.8.21 - 25 October 2014
Styles are automatically removed when pasting into Howl reply boxes.
Links in Howls are immediately formatted upon post.
Image attachments for replies are now implimented for Howls on the home page.

1.8.20 - 24 October 2014
News section upgraded along with support for Howls.

1.8.19 - 23 October 2014
Fixed an issue where reply Howls that contain only an attached image without a comment were rejected.

1.8.18 - 20 October 2014
Further updated more relative url paths to absolute to prevent 404 requests.
Minor edit to character removal in an attempt to reduce retained characters in room. 

1.8.17 - 16 October 2014
Offloaded image processing to external server for better quality/speed ratio with fallback to local server.
	- Howl post images containing text will be much clearer now. Ahwoohoo!

1.8.16 - 16 October 2014
Improved check for transparent background of CP upon upload.

1.8.15 - 15 October 2014
Server-side checks for valid gender, country and state.
Removed CP code from edit profile for users who are not entitled.
Fixed an issue where Omegas that were previously Pups could use CP.

1.8.14 - 14 October 2014
Auto-correct image file extension implimented on file upload.
Backup system with incremental and versioning support established.

1.8.13 - 7 October 2014
Server connection flood control system upgraded and re-established.

1.8.12 - 6 October 2014
Further updated more relative url paths to absolute to prevent 404 requests.
File system changed from ordered to writeback to fix lag associated with file system upgrade.

1.8.11 - 5 October 2014
New generalised cache control based on file modified time for all default poses.

1.8.10 - 4 October 2014
Updated all relative url paths to absolute to prevent 404 requests and make urls search engine friendly.

1.8.9 - 3 October 2014
User avatars now update immediately and force browsers to get the latest version.
New boundary applied for Huddle House with bunk hammocks.
HUGE recovery process and the implimentations of several new features to support it.
File system of server's drive upgraded from ext3 to ext4.

1.8.8 - 29 September 2014
Updated background for Huddle House.

1.8.7 - 29 September 2014
Server operating system updated from 23885 to 25015.

1.8.6 - 18 September 2014
Fixed some URL string handling issue when a backslash is presant as discovered by firejack.

1.8.5 - 7 September 2014
Migrated the room disconnection engine to cronjob. Messages such as "was the last to leave at" are now nonexistent.
Corrected typo/spelling of site Terms thanks to Faithdougwolve.

1.8.4 - 5 September 2014
Fixed an issue where the "All" tab notification count would unnecessarily increase because of video control, etc.

1.8.3 - 2 September 2014
Added session id validation checks and invalid id reporting.

1.8.2 - 29 August 2014
Fixed the inaccuracies of room boundary restrictions on server side.

1.8.2 - 28 August 2014 (cumulative)
Database query optimisation completed for changelog 1.8 which severely impacted server load.
Room boundary and default pose restrictions applied on server side.
Fixed an issue where the avatar preview was missing from Edit Profile.
Fixed an issue which presented itself when a users switches directly from one room to another.
MySQL Server version updated from 5.1.53-7 to 5.1.73-1.

1.8.1 - 22 August 2014
Configured the way autoscrolling works in conjunction with whisper tabs and the clearing of whisper commands upon auto tab changes.

1.8 - 21 August 2014
Note:	The database unicode character set change has left weird symbols on some older howl post (espeically for those with an international keyboard).
	While I have fixed some of them, I cannot go over every single one of them. However, if notice one that you would love to fix,
	please let me know as I will be glad to fix it for you. Howls from now on have extended unicode support.
A significant update to the internal room and whisper messaging and control system worthy of a first decimal number change.
	The room and whisper messaging systems are now completely separated on the server side.
	The whisper tab system has been upgraded to reflect these changes.
	This allows whisper messages to have more features in the future such as group whispers and offline support.

1.7.26 - 14 August 2014
Auto-remove formatting when pasting into comment boxes.

1.7.25 - 9 August 2014
Amended site terms pertaining to those below the age of 13.

1.7.24 - 7 August 2014
Enforced valid friend request and accept on the server side.

1.7.23 - 6 August 2014
Further enforced valid user moderating actions, such as the taking of video remote on the server side.
Corrected a tag formatting example in the help window for the Profile About Me section that was broken due to changelog 1.7.11.

1.7.22 - 4 August 2014
Migrated video room control data from file to database.
Prevented users from giving a remote to a user who has already left the room.

1.7.21 - 3 August 2014
Profiles of banned accounts are no longer accessible for as long as they are banned.

1.7.20 - 2 August 2014
Fixed special characters in state names that were previously inaccurately recorded.

1.7.19 - 30 July 2014
Fixed an issue where the "Clear All Notification" was not working properly.
Clear all feature added for the other individual sections of notification.

1.7.18 - 29 July 2014
New A-paw clear all feature added.
Changed the notifications icon (howling wolf with crescent idea courtesy of DarkClaw and ForeverLostHeroes) and updated their appearence and layout.

1.7.17 - 28 July 2014
Limited notification list lenght and added scroll bars just like the friend list.
Make users leave a room if they close their account while they are still in a room.
Included a message to warn users when the consecutive incorrect login attempts limit is approaching.
Increased the number of allowed consecutive incorrect login attempts from 3 to 8 but increased lockout time as well once this limit is exceeded.

1.7.16 - 27 July 2014
Notification list is now loaded on demand just like the friend list.
Only relevant comments (or howls) are shown when users follow them using their notifications.

1.7.15 - 26 July 2014
Fixed an issue were the backspace couldn't be used while typing in a profile sniff popup.
PHP core version updated from 5.4.5 to 5.4.27.

1.7.14 - 25 July 2014
Ranks displayed on profiles link to its explanation in the Guide.

1.7.13 - 24 July 2014
Reduced the number of allowed consecutive incorrect login attempts from 6 to 3.

1.7.12 - 23 July 2014
The YouTube player controls help will only be shown when the help command is issued while having the remote. Without the remote, standard room help is shown.
Fixed an issue where in some special case a user wouldn't be disconnected from a room.

1.7.11 - 22 July 2014
Links specified for tags in the About Me section of profiles now requires the url protocal to be specified to be a valid link, eg. "http://".

1.7.10 - 17 July 2014
Prevented the backspace key from navigating the browser back by accident in rooms.
Messages are now stored and restored on a per-whisper-tab basis.
Prevented a potential issue where a user with the username "All" would conflict with the "All" whisper tab.

1.7.9 - 16 July 2014
Added a default image for custom poses that are not found to prevent the display of broken images.
Server OS updated from 23550 to 23885 (Linux Kernel version updated from 3.11.10 #88 to #108) as well as important security fixes.
Fixed an issue where age, state, or country that was previously hidden on profile pages, couldn't be unhidden.

1.7.8 - 15 July 2014
Links in comments are now clickable.
Fixed comments encoding where special html character entered into the comments could break display formatting.

1.7.7 - 14 July 2014
Code optimisation and security update for the system that handles removal of characters from a room.

1.7.6 - 13 July 2014
Code optimisation. Whoa! Huge increase in home and profile page load times. Have we been deprived all this while?

1.7.5 - 11 July 2014
HTTP server upgraded from 1.4.30 to 1.4.35 - many important security fixes
Corrected in-room checks to fix the same issue presented in 1.7.3

1.7.4 - 9 July 2014
Profile sniff popup that expanded all the way to the bottom of the page on Firefox fixed.
ARIA accessibility support that causes tooltip text to be displayed at bottom left corner of page disabled.

1.7.3 - 8 July 2014
Fixed an issue where failed-whisper reasons were not showing when whispering using tab or the reply command.
Refined in-room checks to prevent a potential issue where users who just returned from an account ban get logged out when they switch rooms or get kicked.

1.7.2 - 7 July 2014
jQuery and jQuery UI updated from 1.10.2 to 1.11.1 and from 1.10.3 to 1.11.0 respectively.
	- This fixes an issue where the profile sniff popup would snap to the top scroll position upon clicking on certain areas within the popup.
	(Boy! This was one annoying bug that lasted for a while. Glad to be rid of it.)
Online users list now excludes Outcasted, closed, and unverified accounts.
Expanded the size of the clipboard copy field for easier mouse click access.
Gave rounded corners, a new close button and removed the unnecessary close button's tooltip, to the profile sniff popup.
Reworded site rules.
Added section links for about/guide and terms pages with clipboard copy functionality.

1.7.1 - 4 July 2014
Updated site rules.

1.7 - 1 July 2014
Fixed a Y2K38 issue involving account bans.
Addressed an issue where banned accounts could still continue to use the site if they have not logged out.

1.6 - 25 June 2014
Fixed an issue by adding a check to prevent pins made on users who are no longer present in a room.

1.5 - 23 June 2014
Fixed an issue where the names on whisper tabs created by command depended on user input instead of server verifed usernames.

1.4.2 - 22 June 2014
Included this Changelog into the homepage announcement slider.
Extended account registration suspension duration for suspended and banned ip and devices.
Added /me and /help to the commands help list. Reordered same commands to show their shorter forms first.
Server config update - removed automatic url rewrite of php file because it interfers with directory index.
	- Limitation of lighttpd mod_rewrite to rewrite if not directory.

1.4.1 - 22 June 2014
Started this Changelog as suggested by CrashWolf.
Server config update - urls without a file extension and is not found to be a file will automatically be rewritten as a php file.

1.3 - Unknown
New and random member list now excludes Outcasted, closed, and unverified accounts.
New member list is now filtered to exclude accounts that are registered using an existing email address.

1.2 - Unknown
Added "/h" for help containing a list of commands that can be used in room message box. Will add more to this list in the future.

1.1 - Unknown
A whisper tab will now always be created first when starting a new whisper either by the context menu or whisper command to help reduce missed whispers.

Changelog history unrecorded beyond this point with an uncountable amount of changes in the past.